Indeks haseł

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C) central placenta previa communicans
C bile central pneumonia communicating artery
C carbohydrate antigen central pontine myelinolysis communicating branch
C cell central retinal artery communicating branch of anterior interosseous nerve with ulnar nerve
C chain central retinal fovea communicating branch of chorda tympani to lingual nerve
C1 esterase central retinal vein communicating branch of chorda tympani with lingual nerve
C1 esterase inhibitor central scotoma communicating branch of facial nerve with glossopharyngeal nerve
C factors central serous choroidopathy communicating branch of facial nerve with tympanic plexus
C fibers central serous retinopathy communicating branch of fibular artery
C gene central sleep apnea communicating branch of glossopharyngeal nerve with auricular branch of vagus nerve
C group viruses central spindle communicating branch of intermediate nerve with tympanic plexus
C sliding osteotomy central sulcal artery communicating branch of internal laryngeal branch with recurrent laryngeal nerve
C terminus central sulcus communicating branch of lacrimal nerve with zygomatic nerve
C value central sulcus of insula communicating branch of median nerve with ulnar nerve
C wave central superior mesenteric lymph nodes communicating branch of nasociliary nerve with ciliary ganglion
CA-125 central tegmental fasciculus communicating branch of otic ganglion to auriculotemporal nerve
CA-19-9 antigen central tegmental tract communicating branch of otic ganglion to chorda tympani
CA virus central tendon of diaphragm communicating branch of otic ganglion with chorda tympani
CAAT box central tendon of perineum communicating branch of otic ganglion with medial pterygoid nerve
CABG central terminal electrode communicating branch of otic ganglion with meningeal branch of mandibular nerve
CAD central thalamic radiation communicating branch of peroneal artery
CALLA central transactional core communicating branch of radial nerve with ulnar nerve
CAM central type neurofibromatosis communicating branch of superficial radial nerve with ulnar nerve
CAMP factor central vein of suprarenal gland communicating branch of superior laryngeal nerve with recurrent laryngeal nerve
CAMP test central veins of liver communicating branch of tympanic plexus with auricular branch of vagus nerve
CAO central venous catheter communicating branches of auriculotemporal nerve with facial nerve
CAP central venous pressure (CVP) communicating branches of lingual nerve with hypoglossal nerve
CAPD central vision communicating branches of spinal nerves
CAR central-bearing device communicating branches of sympathetic trunk
CASTLE central-bearing point communicating hematoma
CAT central-bearing tracing device communicating hydrocele
CATCH 22 centralis communicating hydrocephalus
CAV-1 centralization phenomenon communicating junction
CB lead centre médian de Luys communicating rami of sympathetic trunk
CBC centrencephalic communication
CBF centrencephalic epilepsy community
CBG centri- community dentistry
CBT centriacinar emphysema community facilities
CC centric community health nurse
CCA centric contact community medicine
CCC centric fusion community mental health center (CMHC)
CCDM centric jaw relation community nurse
CCK centric occlusion community psychiatry
CCK-pancreozymin centric position community psychology
CCNU centriciput community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)
CCU centrifugal comorbidity
CD50 centrifugal casting compact bone
CD 54 centrifugal current compact substance
CDA centrifugal fast analyzer compacta
CDC centrifugal nerve compaction
CDCD99 centrifugalization compages thoracis
CD4:CD8 count centrifugalize companion artery to sciatic nerve
CDCD79a centrifugation companion lymph nodes of accessory nerve
CDCD79b centrifuge companion veins
CDCD66c centrilobular comparascope
CDCD66d centrilobular emphysema comparative anatomy
CDCD66e centriole comparative medicine
CDCD49f centripetal comparative pathology
CDCD62l centripetal current comparative physiology
CDCD62p centripetal nerve comparative psychology
CDCD99r centro- comparator microscope
CDCD15s centroacinar cell compartimentum
CDCDw92 centroblast compartimentum antebrachii anterius
CDCDw121a centrocyte compartimentum antebrachii extensorum
CDCDw121b centrofacial lentiginosis compartimentum antebrachii flexorum
CDE antigens centrokinesia compartimentum antebrachii posterius
CDE blood group centrokinetic compartimentum brachii anterius
CDH23 centrolecithal compartimentum brachii extensorum
CDP centrolecithal egg compartimentum brachii flexorum
CDP-choline centrolecithal ovum compartimentum brachii posterius
CDP-glyceride centromedian nucleus compartimentum cruris
CDP-sugar centromere compartimentum cruris anterius
CEA centromere banding stain compartimentum cruris extensorum
CEAP classification centromeric index compartimentum cruris fibularium
CELO centronuclear myopathy compartimentum cruris flexorum
CELO virus centroplasm compartimentum cruris laterale peroneorum
CENP centrosome compartimentum cruris posterius
CEP centrosphere compartimentum femoris adductorum
CEU centrostaltic compartimentum femoris anterius
CF centrum compartimentum femoris extensorum
CF antibody centrum medianum compartimentum femoris flexorum
CF lead centrum medullare compartimentum femoris mediale
CF test centrum of a vertebra compartimentum femoris posterius
CFF centrum ossificationis compartment
CFS centrum ossificationis primarium compartment for uncoupling receptors and ligands (CURL)
CG centrum ossificationis secundarium compartment of thigh for extensors of hip joint
CGA centrum ovale compartment of thigh for extensors of knee
CGP centrum semiovale compartment of thigh for flexors of hip
CGRP centrum tendineum diaphragmatis compartment of thigh for flexors of knee
CGS centrum tendineum perinei compartment syndrome
CH centum (c) compartmentation
CHAP cenuris compatibility
CHARGE association cenurosis compatible
CHARGE syndrome cephal- compensated acidosis
CHEP cephalad compensated alkalosis
CHF cephalalgia compensated glaucoma
CHILD cephaledema compensated metabolic alkalosis
CHILD syndrome cephalemia compensated respiratory acidosis
CHL cephalhematocele compensated respiratory alkalosis
CHO cephalhematoma compensating curve
CHOP cephalhydrocele compensating emphysema
CHP cephalic compensating ocular
CI cephalic angle compensation
CIC cephalic arterial rami compensation neurosis
CIDP cephalic curve compensatory
CIE cephalic flexure compensatory circulation
CIN cephalic index compensatory hypertrophy
CIQ cephalic pole compensatory hypertrophy of the heart
CIS cephalic presentation compensatory pause
CISH cephalic replacement compensatory polycythemia
CIU cephalic tetanus competence
CJD cephalic triangle competing risk
CK cephalic vein competition
CL cephalic vein of forearm competitive antagonist
CL lead cephalic version competitive binding assay
CLA(ASCP) cephalin competitive inhibition
CLB cephaline competitive inhibitor
CLIA cephalitis competitor DNA
CLL cephalization complaint
CLQ cephalo- complement
CM- cephalocaudal complement binding assay
CMA cephalocaudal axis complement chemotactic factor
CMG cephalocele complement factor I
CMHC cephalocentesis complement fixation
CMI cephalochord complement fixation reaction
CML cephalodidymus complement pathways
CMO cephalodiprosopus complement system
CMP cephalodynia complement unit
CMT cephalogenesis complemental air
CMV cephalogram complementarity
CM-cellulose cephalogyric complementarity determining regions
CMhm cephalohematocele complementary DNA (cDNA)
CNM cephalohematoma complementary air
CNP cephalohemometer complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)
CNS cephalomedullary angle complementary colors
CO2 cephalomegaly complementary hypertrophy
CO2 narcosis cephalomelus complementary role
COCH cephalomeningitis complementary strand
COL4A5 cephalometer complementary structures
COMP cephalometric analysis complementation
COP cephalometric radiograph complement-fixation test
COPD cephalometric tracing complement-fixing antibody
COS cephalometrics complete AV block
COX cephalometry complete abortion
COX-2 inhibitor cephalomotor complete achromatopsia
CO2-withdrawal seizure test cephalont complete androgen insensitivity syndrome
CP cephalooculocutaneous telangiectasia complete antibody
CPAP cephaloorbital index complete antigen
CPD cephalopagus complete ascertainment
CPEO cephalopalpebral reflex complete atrioventricular dissociation
CPK cephalopelvic complete blood count (CBC)
CPM cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD) complete carcinogen
CPP cephalopelvimetry complete cataract
CPPD cephalopharyngeus complete cleavage
CPPV cephalorrhachidian complete denture
CPR cephalosporanic acid complete denture impression
CPT-11 cephalosporin complete disinfectant
CR cephalosporin C complete fistula
CR lead cephalosporin N complete hemianopia
CRD cephalosporin P complete hernia
CREST cephalosporinase complete iridoplegia
CREST syndrome cephalostat complete mastoidectomy
CRF cephalothoracic complete medium
CRH cephalothoracopagus complete metamorphosis
CRL cephalothoracopagus asymmetros complete posterior laryngeal cleft
CRM cephalothoracopagus disymmetros complete substrate
CRNA cephalothoracopagus monosymmetros complete tetanus
CRNP cephalotome complete transduction
CRO cephalotomy completely in the canal hearing aid (CIC)
CROS cephalotoxin complex
CRP cephalotribe complex endometrial hyperplasia
CRT cephalotrigeminal angiomatosis complex febrile convulsion
CS2 cephamycins complex fracture
CSD ceptor complex joint
CSF cera complex learning processes
CSI ceraceous complex locus
CT ceramic complex motor seizure
CT number ceramic crown complex odontoma
CT pelvimetry ceramidase complex partial seizure
CT scan ceramide complex pleural effusion
CT unit ceramide dihexoside complex precipitated epilepsy
CTA ceramide lactosidase complex regional pain syndrome type I
CTD ceramide lactoside complex sound
CTL ceramide lactoside lipidosis complexed prostate-specific antigen (cPSA) test
CTLA-4 ceramide 1-phosphorylcholine complexion
CTP ceramide saccharide complexity
CTX ceramometal casting complexus
CURL cerasin complexus olivaris inferior
CV cerat- complexus stimulans cordis
CVA cerate compliance
CVI ceratin compliance of bladder
CVP cerato- compliance of heart
CVS ceratocricoid compliance of the middle ear
CWD ceratocricoid ligament complicated
CX ceratocricoid (muscle ) complicated cataract
CXC ceratoglossus (muscle ) complicated migraine
CXR ceratohyal complication
CYP ceratopharyngeal part of middle constrictor muscle of pharynx component
CYP 3A ceratopharyngeal part of middle pharyngeal constrictor (muscle) of pharynx component management
CYP 2C9 cercaria component of complement (C)
CYP 2D6 cerci component of force
CYP 2E1 cerclage components of mastication
CZE cercocystis components of occlusion
Ca cercomer compos mentis
CaOC cercomonad composite
Cabot cercopithecine herpesvirus composite dental cement
Cabot ring bodies cercus composite flap
Cabot-Locke murmur cerea flexibilitas composite graft
Cacchione cerebellar composite hemangioendothelioma
Caffey cerebellar arteries composite joint
Caffey disease cerebellar astrocytoma composite resin
Caffey syndrome cerebellar ataxia composition
Caffey-Kempe syndrome cerebellar atrophy compound
Caffey-Silverman syndrome cerebellar cortex compound action potential
Cagot ear cerebellar cyst compound aneurysm
Cain complex cerebellar falx compound articulation
Cajal cerebellar fissures compound caries
Cajal astrocyte stain cerebellar fossa compound character
Cajal cell cerebellar frenulum compound cyst
Cal cerebellar gait compound dislocation
Calabar bean cerebellar nuclei compound eye
Calabar swelling cerebellar pyramid compound fracture
Calculus Surface Index (CSI) cerebellar rigidity compound gland
Caldani cerebellar speech compound granule cell
Caldani ligament cerebellar sulci compound heterozygote
Caldwell cerebellar syndrome compound hyperopic astigmatism
Caldwell projection cerebellar tentorium compound joint
Caldwell view cerebellar tonsil compound lens
Caldwell-Luc operation cerebellar veins compound lipids
Caldwell-Moloy classification cerebellin compound microscope
Caliciviridae cerebellitis compound myopic astigmatism
Calicivirus cerebello- compound nevus
California encephalitis cerebellohypothalamic fibers compound odontoma
California psychological inventory test cerebellolental compound pregnancy
California virus cerebellomedullary compound presentation
Calkins cerebellomedullary cistern compound protein
Calkins sign cerebellomedullary malformation syndrome compound restoration
Call cerebelloolivary compound skull fracture
Call-Exner bodies cerebelloolivary fibers comprehension
Callahan cerebellopontile angle comprehensive medical care
Callahan method cerebellopontine compress
Callander cerebellopontine angle compressed sponge
Callander amputation cerebellopontine angle syndrome compressed tablet
Calleja cerebellopontine angle tumor compressed yeast
Calliphora cerebellopontine cisternography compressible cavernous bodies
Callison cerebellopontine recess compression
Callison fluid cerebellorubral compression anesthesia
Callitroga cerebellorubral tract compression cyanosis
Calmette cerebellospinal fibers compression fracture
Calmette test cerebellothalamic tract compression limiting
Calmette-Guérin bacillus cerebellum compression molding
Calmette-Guérin vaccine cerebr- compression neuropathy
Calodium cerebral compression of brain
Calori cerebral amyloid angiopathy compression of tissue
Calori bursa cerebral angiography compression paralysis
Calot cerebral anthrax compression plate
Calot triangle cerebral aqueduct compression plating
Calvé cerebral arterial circle compression retinopathy
Calvé-Perthes disease cerebral arteries compression syndrome
Calymmatobacterium cerebral arteriography compression thrombosis
Calymmatobacterium granulomatis cerebral blood flow compressive myelopathy
Campbell cerebral calculus compressive nystagmus
Campbell ligament cerebral compression compressive strength
Campbell sound cerebral cortex compressor
Camper cerebral death compressor urethrae
Camper chiasm cerebral decompression compressor urethrae (muscle )
Camper fascia cerebral decortication compressor venae dorsalis penis
Camper ligament cerebral diataxia compressorium
Camper line cerebral dominance compromised host
Camper plane cerebral dysplasia compulsion
Camptotheca acuminata cerebral edema compulsive
Campylobacter cerebral falx compulsive idea
Campylobacter coli cerebral fissures compulsive neurosis
Campylobacter concisus cerebral flexure compulsive personality
Campylobacter fetus cerebral gigantism computed perimetry
Campylobacter fetus subsp. jejuni cerebral gyri computed radiography (CR)
Campylobacter hyointestinalis cerebral hemisphere computed tomography (CT)
Campylobacter jejuni cerebral hemorrhage computed tomography angiography (CTA)
Campylobacter lari cerebral hernia computer
Campylobacter pylori cerebral index computer model
Campylobacter sputorum cerebral lacuna computer simulation
Camurati cerebral layer of retina computerized axial tomography (CAT)
Camurati-Engelmann disease cerebral lipidosis comutagenic
Canada cerebral lobes con-
Canada balsam cerebral localization conA
Canada snakeroot cerebral malaria conal growth hypothesis
Canada turpentine cerebral palsy (CP) conalbumin
Canavan cerebral part of arachnoid conanine
Canavan disease cerebral part of dura mater conarium
Canavan sclerosis cerebral part of internal carotid artery conation
Canavan-van Bogaert-Bertrand disease cerebral peduncle conative
Candida cerebral porosis conatus
Candida albicans cerebral rheumatism concameration
Candida glabrata cerebral sinuses concanavalin A (conA
Candida krusei cerebral sphingolipidosis concatamer
Candida parapsilosis cerebral sulci concatemer
Candida tropicalis cerebral surface concatenate
Candidata Mycoplasma haemominutum (CMhm) cerebral surface of temporal bone concave
Canidae cerebral tetanus concave lens
Cannizzaro cerebral thrombosis concave mirror
Cannizzaro reaction cerebral trigone concavity
Cannon cerebral tuberculosis concavoconcave
Cannon point cerebral veins concavoconcave lens
Cannon ring cerebral ventricles concavoconvex
Cannon theory cerebral vesicle concavoconvex lens
Cannon-Bard theory cerebral vomiting concealed conduction
Cantelli sign cerebration concealed hemorrhage
Cantlie line cerebri- concealed hernia
Cantor cerebriform concealed penis
Cantor tube cerebritis conceive
Capgras cerebro- concentrated human red blood corpuscle
Capgras phenomenon cerebrocortical necrosis concentration (c)
Capgras syndrome cerebrocuprein concentration gradient
Capillaria cerebrohepatorenal syndrome concentric
Capillaria granuloma cerebroma concentric contraction
Capillaria hepatica cerebromalacia concentric fibroma
Capillaria philippinensis cerebromeningitis concentric hypertrophy
Capim viruses cerebron concentric lamella
Caplan cerebronic acid concept
Caplan nodules cerebropathia concept formation
Caplan syndrome cerebropathy concept-driven perception
Capnocytophaga cerebrophysiology conception
Capnocytophaga canimorsus cerebroretinal angiomatosis conceptual
Capps cerebrosclerosis conceptual age
Capps reflex cerebroside conceptus
Capripoxvirus cerebroside lipidosis concerted evolution
Capuron cerebroside lipoidosis concerted model
Capuron points cerebroside -sulfatase concha
Carabelli cerebrosidosis concha auriculae
Carabelli tubercle cerebrospinal concha bullosa
Caraparu virus cerebrospinal axis concha nasalis inferior
Carden cerebrospinal fever concha nasalis media
Carden amputation cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) concha nasalis superior
Cardiobacterium cerebrospinal fluid otorrhea concha nasalis suprema
Cardiobacterium hominis cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea concha of auricle
Cardiobacterium violaceum cerebrospinal index concha of ear
Cardiovirus cerebrospinal meningitis concha sphenoidalis
Carey Coombs murmur cerebrospinal nematodiasis conchal cartilage
Carlen cerebrospinal pressure conchal crest
Carlen tube cerebrospinal system conchal crest of body of maxilla
Carman cerebrosterol conchal crest of palatine bone
Carman sign cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis conchoidal
Carmody cerebrotomy conchoidal bodies
Carmody-Batson operation cerebrovascular concomitance
Carnegie stages cerebrovascular accident (CVA) concomitant
Carnett cerebrovascular disease concomitant immunity
Carnett sign cerebrum concomitant strabismus
Carney cerecloth concomitant symptom
Carney complex ceresin concordance
Carney syndrome cerin concordance rate
Carnivora cerium (Ce) concordant
Carnoy cerium oxalate concordant alternans
Carnoy fixative cero- concordant alternation
Caroli ceroid concordant atrioventricular connections
Caroli disease ceroid lipofuscinosis concordant changes electrocardiogram
Caroli syndrome ceroplasty concrement
Carpenter cerosin concrescence
Carpenter syndrome cerotinic acid concrete oils
Carpentier certifiable concrete operations
Carpentier-Edwards valve certification concrete thinking
Carpoglyphus certified milk concretio cordis
Carr certified nurse-midwife (CNM) concretion
Carr-Price reaction certified pasteurized milk concretization
Carr-Price test certified reference material (CRM) concurrent disinfection
Carr-Purcell experiment certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) concurrent validity
Carrel certify concussion
Carrel treatment cerulean concussion cataract
Carrel-Lindbergh pump cerulean cataract concussion myelitis
Carrión cerulein condensation
Carrión disease cerulocortical condensation compound
Carrington disease ceruloplasmin condense
Carteaud cerumen condensed milk
Carus cerumen inspissatum condenser
Carus circle ceruminal condensing enzyme
Carus curve ceruminolytic condensing osteitis
Carvallo ceruminoma condition
Carvallo sign ceruminosis conditional probability
Casal ceruminous conditional-lethal mutant
Casal necklace ceruminous glands conditionally lethal mutant
Casoni ceruse conditioned avitaminosis
Casoni antigen cerveau isolé conditioned hemolysis
Casoni intradermal test cervical conditioned insomnia
Casoni skin test cervical amputation conditioned reflex (CR)
Casselberry cervical anchorage conditioned response
Casselberry position cervical anesthesia conditioned stimulus
Casser cervical aortic knuckle conditioned withdrawal
Casser fontanelle cervical auricle conditioning
Casser perforated muscle cervical branch of facial nerve conditioning therapy
Cassia fistula cervical canal condom
Castellani cervical cap conduct disorder
Castellani bronchitis cervical compression syndrome conductance (G)
Castellani paint cervical disc syndrome conducting airway
Castile soap cervical diverticulum conducting system of heart
Castle cervical duct conduction
Castle intrinsic factor cervical dysplasia conduction analgesia
Castleman cervical enlargement conduction anesthesia
Castleman disease cervical enlargement of spinal cord conduction aphasia
Catha edulis cervical fibrositis conduction block
Catharanthus alkaloids cervical flexure conductive hearing impairment
Cattell cervical fusion syndrome conductive heat
Cattell Infant Intelligence Scale cervical glands conductive keratoplasty
Catu virus cervical glands of uterus conductivity
Cavia cervical hydrocele conductor
Cavia porcellus cervical hygroma conduit
Cb cervical hyperesthesia conduplicate
C-banding cervical iliocostal muscle conduplicato corpore
C-banding stain cervical interspinal muscle condurango
Cbl cervical interspinales muscles condylar
Cbz cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) condylar articulation
Cd cervical ligament of uterus condylar axis
Ce cervical line condylar canal
Cecil cervical longissimus muscle condylar emissary vein
Cecil urethroplasty cervical loop condylar fossa
Cedecea cervical lordosis condylar guidance
Ceelen cervical margin condylar guidance inclination
Ceelen-Gellerstedt syndrome cervical margin of tooth condylar guide
Celestin cervical motion tenderness condylar hinge position
Celestin tube cervical myelogram condylar joint
Celovirus cervical myositis condylar process of mandible
Celsius cervical myospasm condylarthrosis
Celsius scale cervical (nerve) plexus condyle
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cervical nerves [C1–C8] condyle cord
Centor score cervical nystagmus condyle of humerus
Central European tick-borne encephalitis virus cervical orthosis condyle path
Central European tick-borne fever cervical part of esophagus condylectomy
Centrocestus cervical part of internal carotid artery condylion
Centruroides cervical part of spinal cord condyloid
Cephaelis cervical part of thoracic duct condyloid canal
Cephalomyia cervical part of vertebral artery condyloid process
Cephalosporium cervical pleura condyloma
Ceratophyllidae cervical pregnancy condyloma acuminatum
Ceratophyllus cervical rib condyloma latum
Ceratophyllus punjabensis cervical rib and band syndrome condylomatous
Cercomonas cervical rib syndrome condylotomy
Cercopithecoidea cervical rotator muscles condylus
Cercopithecus cervical segments of spinal cord [C1–C8] condylus humeri
Cerenkov cervical sinus condylus lateralis
Cerenkov radiation cervical smear condylus lateralis femoris
Cerithidea cervical splanchnic nerves condylus lateralis tibiae
Cestan cervical spondylosis condylus medialis
Cestan-Chenais syndrome cervical tension syndrome condylus medialis femoris
Cestoda cervical triangle condylus medialis tibiae
Cestodaria cervical vein condylus occipitalis
Cestoidea cervical vertebrae [C1–C7] cone
Ceylon cinnamon cervical vesicle cone cell of retina
Ceylon moss cervical zone cone degeneration
Cf cervical zone of tooth cone discs
Ch.B. cervicalis cone down
Ch.D. cervicalis ascendens cone dystrophy
ChM cervicectomy cone fiber
Chaddock cervices cone granule
Chaddock reflex cervicitis cone of light
Chaddock sign cervico- cone vision
Chadwick cervicoaxillary canal cone-rod retinal dystrophy
Chadwick sign cervicobrachial conessi
Chagas cervicobuccal conessine
Chagas disease cervicodynia confabulation
Chagas-Cruz disease cervicofacial confectio
Chagres virus cervicography confection
Chaikoff cervicolabial confertus
Chamberlain cervicolingual confidence interval (CI)
Chamberlain line cervicolinguoaxial confidentiality
Chamberlain procedure cervicolumbar phenomenon configuration
Chamberlen cervicooccipital confinement
Chamberlen forceps cervicooculoacoustic syndrome conflict
Champy cervicoplasty conflict of interest
Champy fixative cervicoscopy confluence
Champy miniplate cervicothoracic confluence of sinuses
Chanarin cervicothoracic ganglion confluens
Chance cervicothoracic orthosis confluens sinuum
Chance fracture cervicothoracic transition confluent
Chandler cervicotomy confluent and reticulate papillomatosis
Chandler syndrome cervicovaginal artery confluent articulation
Changeux cervicovesical confluent smallpox
Chantemesse cervilaxin confocal
Chantemesse reaction cervix confocal microscope
Charcot cervix columnae posterioris conformation
Charcot arteries cervix dentis conformational map
Charcot arthropathy cervix of the axon conformer
Charcot disease cervix of tooth confounding
Charcot gait cervix of uterus confrontation
Charcot intermittent fever cervix uteri confrontation method
Charcot joint cervix vesicae urinariae confusion
Charcot syndrome ceryl confusion colors
Charcot triad cesarean confusional
Charcot vertigo cesarean hysterectomy confusional migraine
Charcot-Bouchard aneurysm cesarean operation congener
Charcot-Böttcher crystalloids cesarean section (CS) congener of alcohol
Charcot-Leyden crystals cesium (Cs) congenerous
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease cestode congenic
Charcot-Neumann crystals cestodiasis congenic strain
Charcot-Robin crystals cetaceum congenital
Charcot-Weiss-Baker syndrome cetostearyl alcohol congenital adrenal hyperplasia
Chargaff cetraria congenital afibrinogenemia
Chargaff rule cetyl alcohol congenital amputation
Charles cetyl palmitate congenital anemia
Charles Bonnet syndrome cetylpyridinium chloride congenital aplasia of thymus
Charles law cetyltrimethylammonium bromide congenital aplastic anemia
Charlton cevadilla congenital atonic pseudoparalysis
Charnley cevadine congenital baldness
Charnley hip arthroplasty cevitamic acid congenital bronchiectasis
Charrière chaeta congenital cataract
Charrière scale chafe congenital cerebellar atrophy
Charters chagasic myocardiopathy congenital cerebral aneurysm
Charters method chagoma congenital chloride diarrhea
Chassaignac chain congenital chloridorrhea
Chassaignac space chain ganglia congenital cholesteatoma
Chassaignac tubercle chain reaction congenital choreoathetosis
Chaudhry chain reflex congenital conus
Chauffard chain-compensated spirometer congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Chauffard syndrome chaining congenital dyserythropoietic anemia
Chaussier chair form congenital dysphagocytosis
Chaussier line chalasia congenital dysplastic angiectasia
Chaussier sign chalaza congenital dysplastic angiomatosis
Chayes chalazion congenital ectodermal defect
Chayes method chalcone congenital ectodermal dysplasia
Chédiak chalcosis congenital elephantiasis
Chédiak-Higashi disease chalcosis lentis congenital epulis of newborn
Chédiak-Higashi syndrome chalice cell congenital erythropoietic porphyria (CEP)
Chédiak-Steinbrinck-Higashi anomaly chalicosis congenital facial diplegia
Chédiak-Steinbrinck-Higashi syndrome chalk congenital fibrosis of the extraocular muscles
Cheadle chalkitis congenital generalized fibromatosis
Cheadle disease challenge diet congenital glaucoma
Cheatle chalone congenital heart block
Cheatle slit chalybeate congenital hemolytic anemia
Chenais chalybeate water congenital hemolytic icterus
Cheney chamber congenital hemolytic jaundice
Cheney syndrome chambers of eyeball congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophy
Chevalier-Jackson dilator chamecephalic congenital hip dysplasia
Cheyne chamecephalous congenital hydrocele
Cheyne-Stokes psychosis chameleon congenital hydrocephalus
Cheyne-Stokes respiration chameprosopic congenital hypophosphatasia
Chian turpentine chamfer congenital hypoplastic anemia
Chiari chamomile congenital hypothyroidism
Chiari II syndrome chancre congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma
Chiari disease chancre redux congenital lobar emphysema
Chiari net chancriform congenital lymphedema
Chiari syndrome chancriform syndrome congenital megacolon
Chiari-Budd syndrome chancroid congenital methemoglobinemia
Chiari-Frommel syndrome chancroidal congenital microvillus atrophy
Chick-Martin test chancroidal bubo congenital myxedema
Chievitz chancrous congenital nevus
Chievitz layer chandelier sign congenital nonregenerative anemia
Chievitz organ change congenital nystagmus
Chilaiditi change blindness congenital pancytopenia
Chilaiditi syndrome change of life congenital paramyotonia
Child-Pugh score channel congenital pneumonia
Chilean saltpeter channelopathies congenital ptosis
Chilomastix chaos congenital pulmonary arteriovenous fistula
Chilopoda chaos theory congenital pyloric stenosis
Chinese cinnamon chaotic heart congenital rubella syndrome
Chinese ginger chaotic rhythm congenital selective glucose and galactose malabsorption
Chinese restaurant syndrome chaotropic congenital spastic paraplegia
Chinese wax chaotropism congenital stridor
Chiropsalmus chaperone congenital sutural alopecia
Chiropsalmus quadrumanus chaperonin congenital syphilis
Chiroptera chappa congenital torticollis
Chlamydia chapped congenital total lipodystrophy
Chlamydia pneumoniae character congenital toxoplasmosis
Chlamydia psittaci character analysis congenital valve
Chlamydia trachomatis character armor congenital varicella syndrome
Chlamydiaceae character disorder congenital virilizing adrenal hyperplasia
Chlamydophila character neurosis congenitus
Chlamydophrys characteristic congested
Chlamydozoon characteristic curve congestion
Choanotaenia infundibulum characteristic emission congestive
Chodzko reflex characteristic frequency congestive cardiomyopathy
Chopart characteristic radiation congestive cirrhosis
Chopart amputation characterization congestive heart failure (CHF)
Chopart joint characterizing group congestive splenomegaly
Chordata charas conglobate
Chotzen charbon conglobation
Chotzen syndrome charcoal conglomerate
Chraantigens charge nurse conglutinant
Christchurch chromosome charge transfer conglutination
Christensen charge transfer complex conglutinin
Christensen-Krabbe disease charge transfer system congophilic
Christian charlatan congophilic angiopathy
Christian disease charlatanism congruent points
Christian syndrome charley horse congruous hemianopia
Christison chart coni
Christison formula charting coni epididymidis
Christmas chaulmoogra oil coni vasculosi
Christmas disease check ligaments of eyeball conic
Christmas factor check ligaments of medial and lateral rectus muscles conic catheter
Chromobacterium check ligaments of odontoid conic cornea
Chromobacterium violaceum checkbite conic papillae
Chrysaora checkerberry oil conical lobules of epididymis
Chrysaora quinquecirrha checkpoint protein conical papillaepapillaepapapillae pillaelae
Chrysomyia cheek conidia
Chrysops cheek bone conidial
Chrysosporium parvum cheek muscle conidial fungi
Churg cheek tooth conidiogenous
Churg-Strauss syndrome cheese maggot conidiophore
Chvostek cheese worker's lung conidium
Chvostek sign cheesey pus coniofibrosis
Ci cheesy abscess coniolymphstasis
Ciaccio cheil- coniometer
Ciaccio glands cheilalgia coniophage
Ciaccio stain cheilectomy coniosis
Cianca syndrome cheilectropion coniotomy
Ciliata cheilion conium
Ciliophora cheilitis conization
Cillobacterium cheilitis exfoliativa conjoined anastomosis
Cimex cheilitis glandularis conjoined asymmetric twins
Cimex hemipterus cheilitis granulomatosa conjoined equal twins
Cimex lectularius cheilitis venenata conjoined symmetric twins
Cimino cheilo- conjoined tendon
Circe effect cheilognathoglossoschisis conjoined twins
Citellus cheilognathopalatoschisis conjoined unequal twins
Citrobacter cheilognathouranoschisis conjoint tendon
Citrobacter amalonaticus cheilophagia conjoint therapy
Citrobacter braakii cheiloplasty conjugal cancer
Citrobacter diversus cheilorrhaphy conjugant
Citrobacter farmeri cheilosis conjugata
Citrobacter freundii cheilotomy conjugata anatomica
Citrobacter gillenii cheir- conjugata diagonalis
Citrobacter koseri cheiralgia conjugata externa
Citrobacter murliniae cheiralgia paresthetica conjugata recta
Citrobacter rodentium cheirarthritis conjugata vera
Citrobacter sedlakii cheiro- conjugate
Citrobacter workmanii cheirognostic conjugate acid
Citrobacter youngae cheirokinesthesia conjugate acid-base pair
Civatte cheirokinesthetic conjugate axis
Civatte bodies cheirology conjugate deviation of the eyes
Civinini cheiromegaly conjugate diameter of pelvic inlet
Civinini canal cheiropodalgia conjugate diameter of pelvic outlet
Civinini ligament cheiropompholyx conjugate division
Civinini process cheirospasm conjugate foci
Cl chelate conjugate foramen
Clado chelation conjugate gaze
Clado anastomosis chelicera conjugate movement of eyes
Clado band chelidon conjugate nystagmus
Clado ligament cheloid conjugate of pelvic inlet
Clado point chem- conjugate of pelvic outlet
Cladophialophora chemexfoliation conjugate point
Cladophialophora bantiana chemiatry conjugated
Cladophialophora carrionii chemical conjugated antigen
Cladorchis watsoni chemical antidote conjugated bilirubin
Cladosporium chemical attraction conjugated compound
Cladosporium (Xylohypha) bantianum chemical burn conjugated double bonds
Cladosporium carrionii chemical castration conjugated estrogen
Cladosporium cladosporioides chemical cautery conjugated hapten
Cladosporium werneckii chemical ceptor conjugated protein
Clagett chemical complexity conjugation
Clagett procedure for empyema chemical conjunctivitis conjugative plasmid
Claisen chemical depilatory conjunctiva
Claisen condensation chemical dermatitis conjunctival
Clapton chemical diabetes conjunctival arteries
Clapton line chemical energy conjunctival cul-de-sac
Clara chemical equation conjunctival fornix
Clara cell chemical evolution conjunctival glands
Clark chemical formula conjunctival layer of bulb
Clark electrode chemical genomics conjunctival layer of eyelids
Clark level chemical kinetics conjunctival reflex
Clark weight rule chemical knife conjunctival ring
Clarke chemical modification conjunctival sac
Clarke cells chemical peeling conjunctival varix
Clarke column chemical peritonitis conjunctival veins
Clarke nucleus chemical pneumonia conjunctive
Clarke-Fournier glossitis chemical potential (μ) conjunctiviplasty
Clarke-Hadfield syndrome chemical pregnancy conjunctivitis
Class I intron chemical prophylaxis conjunctivitis arida
Class II intron chemical ray conjunctivitis medicamentosa
Clauberg chemical repair conjunctivochalasis
Clauberg test chemical sampling conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomy
Clauberg unit chemical senses conjunctivodacryocystostomy
Claude chemical shift conjunctivoplasty
Claude syndrome chemical shift artifact conjunctivorhinostomy
Claudius chemical solution connecting cartilage
Claudius cells chemical sunscreen connecting stalk
Claudius fossa chemical sympathectomy connecting tubule
Clausen chemical taxonomy connectins
Claviceps purpurea chemical thyroidectomy connection
Claybrook chemically cured resin connective tissue
Claybrook sign chemicocautery connective tissue cell
Cleland chemiluminescence connective tissue group
Cleland nomenclature chemiosmotic theory connective tumor
Cleland reagent chemiotaxis connective-tissue disease
Clevenger chemise connector
Clevenger fissure chemist connector bar
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) chemistry connexin 26
Clock-Drawing chemo- connexins
Clonorchis sinensis chemoattractants connexons
Cloquet chemoautotroph connexus
Cloquet canal chemoautotrophic connexus intertendinei musculi extensoris digitorum
Cloquet hernia chemobiodynamics conoid
Cloquet septum chemocautery conoid ligament
Cloquet space chemoceptor conoid process
Clostridium chemodectoma conoid tubercle (of clavicle)
Clostridium bifermentans chemodectomatosis conomyoidin
Clostridium botulinum chemodifferentiation conotoxin
Clostridium butyricum chemoembolization conotruncal anomaly-face syndrome
Clostridium cadaveris chemogenomics conquinine
Clostridium carnis chemoheterotroph consanguineous
Clostridium chauvoei chemoheterotrophic consanguinity
Clostridium cochlearium chemoimmunology conscious
Clostridium difficile chemokines (CC) conscious sedation
Clostridium fallax chemokinesis consciousness
Clostridium haemolyticum chemokinetic consecutive aneurysm
Clostridium histolyticum chemolithotroph consecutive angiitis
Clostridium histolyticum collagenase chemolithotrophic consecutive esotropia
Clostridium histolyticum proteinase B chemolithotrophy consensual
Clostridium innominatum chemoluminescence consensual light reflex
Clostridium nigrificans chemolysis consensual reaction
Clostridium novyi chemonucleolysis consensual validation
Clostridium oedematiens chemoorganotroph conservation
Clostridium parabotulinum chemoorganotrophic conservation of energy
Clostridium paraputrificum chemopallidectomy conservative
Clostridium perfringens chemopallidothalamectomy conservative replication
Clostridium perfringens alpha toxin chemopallidotomy conservative treatment
Clostridium perfringens beta toxin chemoprevention conserve
Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin chemoprophylaxis consistency principle
Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin chemoreception consolidant
Clostridium perfringens iota toxin chemoreceptive consolidation
Clostridium ramosum chemoreceptor consolidation chemotherapy
Clostridium septicum chemoreflex consonating rale
Clostridium sordellii chemoresistance conspecific
Clostridium sphenoides chemoresponse conspicuity
Clostridium sporogenes chemosensation constancy
Clostridium tertium chemosensitive constancy phenomenon
Clostridium tetani chemosensitize constant
Clostridium thermosaccharolyticum chemoserotherapy constant coupling
Clostridium welchii chemosis constant field equation
Cloudman chemosmosis constant infusion pump
Cloudman melanoma chemostat constant region
Cléret chemosurgery constellation
Clutton chemosynthesis constipate
Clutton joints chemotactic constipated
Cm chemotaxis constipation
Cnemidocoptes chemothalamectomy constitution
Cnidospora chemothalamotomy constitutional
Cnidosporidia chemotherapeutic constitutional cause
Co chemotherapeutic index constitutional delay of stature
CoA chemotherapeutics constitutional delay stature
CoA transferases chemotherapy constitutional formula
CoAS– chemotic constitutional growth delay
CoQ chemotransmitter constitutional hepatic dysfunction
Coats chemotroph constitutional hirsutism
Coats disease chemotropism constitutional psychology
Cobb chenodeoxycholic acid constitutional reaction
Cobb angle chenodiol constitutional symptom
Cobb method chenopodium constitutional thrombopathy
Cobb syndrome cherry angioma constitutive
Coccaceae cherry juice constitutive enzyme
Coccidia cherry-red spot constitutive heterochromatin
Coccidiasina cherry-red spot myoclonus syndrome constrictio
Coccidioides cherubic facies constrictio bronchoaortica esophagea
Cochin China diarrhea cherubism constrictio diaphragmatica esophagea
Cochliomyia chest constrictio partis thoracicae esophagea
Cochliomyia americana chest index constrictio pharyngoesophagealis
Cochliomyia hominivorax chest leads constrictio phrenica esophagea
Cochrane chest radiology constriction
Cochrane collaboration chest wall constriction ring
Cockayne chevron incision constrictions of ureter
Cockayne disease chewing cycle constrictive bronchiolitis
Cockayne syndrome chewing force constrictive endocarditis
Cockett communicating perforating veins chi constrictive pericarditis
Codex medicamentarius chi sequence constrictor
Codman chi structure construct
Codman triangle chiasm construct validity
Codman tumor chiasma constructional agraphia
Coe virus chiasma opticum constructional apraxia
Coelenterata chiasma syndrome consultand
Coelomycetes chiasma tendinum consultant
Coenurus chiasmapexy consultation
Coenurus cerebralis chiasmatic consulting staff
Coenurus serialis chiasmatic cistern consumption (VO2)
Coffey chiasmatic groove consumption coagulopathy
Coffey suspension chiasmatic sulcus consumptive
Coffin chicken breast cont. rem.
Coffin-Lowry syndrome chicken embryo lethal orphan virus contact
Coffin-Siris syndrome chicken fat clot contact allergy
Cogan chickenpox contact area
Cogan dystrophy chickenpox immune globulin (human) contact catalysis
Cogan syndrome chickenpox immunoglobulin contact ceptor
Cogan-Reese syndrome chickenpox virus contact cheilitis
Cohnheim chicle contact dermatitis
Cohnheim area chief agglutinin contact granuloma
Cohnheim field chief artery of thumb contact hypersensitivity
Coiter chief cell contact hysteroscope
Coiter muscle chief cell of corpus pineale contact illumination
Cokeromyces chief cell of parathyroid gland contact inhibition
Colchicum corm chief cell of stomach contact lens
Coldman chief complaint (cc contact point
Cole chigger contact surface of tooth
Cole-Cecil murmur chigoe contact with reality
Coleoptera chikungunya virus contactant
Colles chil- contagion
Colles fascia chilblain contagious
Colles fracture chilblain lupus contagious disease
Colles ligament chilblain lupus erythematosus contagious ecthyma
Colles space child abuse contagious ecthyma (pustular dermatitis) virus of sheep
Collet child psychiatry contagious pustular dermatitis
Collet-Sicard syndrome child psychology contagious pustular stomatitis virus
Collier childbearing contagiousness
Collier sign child-bearing age contagium
Collier tract childbed fever contained disc herniation
Collier tucked lid sign childbirth containment
Collip childhood contaminant
Collis childhood absence epilepsy contaminate
Collis gastroplasty childhood ataxia with diffuse central nervous system hypomyelination contamination
Collis-Belsey fundoplication childhood disintegrative disorder content
Collis-Belsey procedure childhood epilepsy with occipital paroxysms content analysis
Collis-Nissen fundoplication childhood hypophosphatasia content validity
Colorado tick fever childhood muscular dystrophy contig
Colorado tick fever virus childhood schizophrenia contig map
Colour Index (CI) childhood tuberculosis contiguity
Coltivirus childhood type tuberculosis contiguous
Colubridae chill continence
Columbia Mental Maturity Scale chilo- continent
Columbia S. K. virus chilomastigiasis contingency table
Comby chilomastosis continued
Comby sign chilopodiasis continued fever
Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 chilotic line continuity
Compton chimera continuity of care
Compton effect chimeric continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD)
Compton scatter chimeric antibodies continuous arrhythmia
Compton scattering chimeric molecule continuous bar retainer
Concato chimerism continuous beam
Concato disease chimney sweep's cancer continuous capillary
Congo red chimpanzee continuous clasp
Congo red paper chimpanzee coryza agent (CCA) continuous culture
Congolian red fever chin continuous epidural anesthesia
Conidiobolus chin cap continuous eruption
Conn chin jerk continuous flow analyzer
Conn syndrome chin muscle continuous interleaved sampling
Connell chin reflex continuous loop wiring
Connell suture chiniofon continuous murmur
Conradi chinoleine continuous otoacoustic emission
Conradi disease chip continuous passive motion (CPM)
Conradi line chip blower continuous phase
Conradi-Hünermann disease chip syringe continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
Conradi-Hünermann syndrome chiral continuous positive pressure ventilation (CPPV)
Control of Communicable Diseases Manual (CCDM) chiral crystal continuous random variable
Conus chiral switching continuous spectrum
Cooke chirality continuous spinal anesthesia
Cooke speculum chirarthritis continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion
Cooley chiro- continuous suture
Cooley anemia chirognostic continuous tremor
Coolidge chirokinesthesia continuous variable
Coolidge tube chiropodalgia continuous variation
Coomassie brilliant blue R-250 chiropodist continuous venovenous hemodiafiltration
Coombs chiropody continuous wave laser
Coombs murmur chiropompholyx contortrostatin
Coombs serum chiropractic contour
Coombs test chiropractor contour lines of Owen
Cooper chiroscope contra-
Cooper fascia chirospasm contraangle
Cooper hernia chirurg. contraaperture
Cooper herniotome chirurgeon contrabevel
Cooper ligaments chirurgery contraception
Cooper-RAND artificial larynx chirurgical contraceptive
Cooperia chisel contraceptive device
Cooperia bisonis chi-square (χ2) contraceptive sponge
Cooperia curticei chi-square distribution contract
Cooperia fieldingi chi-square test contracted foot
Cooperia oncophora chitin contracted kidney
Cooperia pectinata chitinase contracted pelvis
Cooperia punctata chitinous contractile
Cooperia spatulata chitobiose contractile stricture
Cope chitosamine contractile vacuole
Cope clamp chiufa contractility
Copepoda chlamydia contraction (C)
Coppet chlamydial contraction band
Coppet law chlamydiosis contraction band necrosis
Cordylobia chlamydoconidium contraction stress test
Cordylobia anthropophaga chloasma contractual psychiatry
Cordylobia rodhaini chloasma bronzinum contractual psychotherapy
Corey chlor- contractural diathesis
Cori chloracetic acid contracture
Cori cycle chloracne contracture deformity
Cori disease chloral contrafissura
Cori ester chloral alcoholate contraindicant
Cornelia de Lange syndrome chloral betaine contraindication
Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia chloral hydrate contralateral
Corner chloralism contralateral hemiplegia
Corner tampon chloramphenicol contralateral leg sign
Corner-Allen test chloramphenicol acetyl transferase (CAT) contralateral partner
Corner-Allen unit chloramphenicol palmitate contralateral reflex
Coronaviridae chloramphenicol sodium succinate contralateral routing of signal hearing aid
Coronavirus chlorate contrast
Correra line chlorazol black E contrast agent
Corrigan chlorbenzoxamine contrast bath
Corrigan disease chlordane contrast echocardiography
Corrigan pulse chloremia contrast enema
Corrigan sign chlorethene homopolymer contrast enhancement
Corti chlorguanide hydrochloride contrast material
Corti arch chlorhydria contrast medium
Corti auditory teeth chloric acid contrast sensitivity
Corti canal chloride contrast sensitivity testing
Corti cells chloride shift contrast stain
Corti ganglion chloridimetry contrasuppressor cells
Corti membrane chloridometer contrecoup
Corti organ chloridorrhea contrecoup injury of brain
Corti pillars chloriduria control
Corti rods chlorin control animal
Corti tunnel chlorinated control experiment
Corticoviridae chlorinated lime control gene
Corticovirus chlorinated paraffin control group
Corvisart des Marets chlorine (Cl) control release suture
Corvisart facies chlorine group control syringe
Corynebacterium chlorine water controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV)
Corynebacterium acnes chloriodized controlled respiration
Corynebacterium amycolatum chloriodized oil controlled substance
Corynebacterium diphtheriae chlorite controlled ventilation
Corynebacterium equi chloro- contusion
Corynebacterium glucuronolyticum chloroacetic acid conular
Corynebacterium haemolyticum chloroambucil conus
Corynebacterium hofmannii chloroanemia conus arteriosus
Corynebacterium jeikeium chlorocruorin conus elasticus
Corynebacterium matruchotii chloroethane conus medullaris
Corynebacterium minutissimum chloroethylene convalescence
Corynebacterium parvum chloroform convalescent
Corynebacterium pseudodiphtheriticum chloroformism convalescent carrier
Corynebacterium striatum chlorohemin convalescent serum
Corynebacterium xerosis chlorohemin crystals convallaria
Coryzavirus chloroma convallatoxin
Costen chloromethane convection
Costen syndrome chlorometry convective heat
Cotard chloropenia convenience form
Cotard syndrome chloropercha conventional animal
Cotte chloropercha method conventional signs
Cotte operation chlorophenol conventional thoracoplasty
Cotton chlorophyll conventional tomography
Cotton effect chlorophyll a convergence
Cotunnius chlorophyll b convergence excess
Cotunnius aqueduct chlorophyll c convergence insufficiency
Cotunnius canal chlorophyll d convergence nucleus of Perlia
Cotunnius liquid chlorophyll esterase convergence-retraction nystagmus
Cotunnius space chlorophyll unit convergent
Cotylogonimus chlorophyllase convergent evolution
Coulomb chlorophyllide convergent squint
Coumel tachycardia chloropicrin convergent strabismus
Councilman chloroplast converging meniscus
Councilman body chloroprocaine penicillin O conversion
Councilmania chloropsia conversion anesthesia
Cournand dip chloroquine conversion aphonia
Courvoisier chlorosis conversion ataxia
Courvoisier gallbladder chlorothiazide conversion chorea
Courvoisier law chlorothiazide sodium conversion disorder
Courvoisier sign chlorotic conversion electron
Couvelaire chlorotic anemia conversion hysteria
Couvelaire uterus chlorotriazine dyes conversion hysteria neurosis
Cowden chlorous conversion neurosis
Cowden disease chlorous acid conversion reaction
Cowdry chlorphenol red conversive heat
Cowdry type A inclusion bodies chloruresis convertase
Cowdry type B inclusion bodies chloruretic convertin
Cowling rule chloruria convex
Cowper choana convex lens
Cowper cyst choanae convex mirror
Cowper gland choanal convexity
Cowper ligament choanal atresia convexobasia
Cox choanal polyp convexoconcave
Cox proportional hazard model choanate convexoconcave lens
Coxiella choanoflagellate convexoconvex
Coxiella burnetii choanoid convexoconvex lens
Coxsackievirus choanomastigote convolute
CpG chocolate agar convoluted
C-peptide chocolate cyst convoluted bone
Cr choke convoluted gland
Crabtree choked disc convoluted part of kidney lobule
Crabtree effect chokes convoluted part of renal cortex
Crafoord chol- convoluted seminiferous tubule
Crafoord clamp cholagogic convoluted tubule of kidney
Craigia cholagogue convolution
Cramer cholaic acid convulsant
Cramer wire splint cholalic acid convulsant threshold
Crampton cholane convulsion
Crampton line cholaneresis convulsive
Crampton muscle cholangeitis convulsive seizure
Crampton test cholangiectasis convulsive state
Crandall cholangiocarcinoma convulsive therapy
Crandall syndrome cholangiocyte convulsive tic
Craniata cholangioenterostomy cooing murmur
Crawford cholangiofibrosis cooled-knife method
C-reactive protein (CRP) cholangiogastrostomy cooperative enzyme
Credé cholangiogram cooperativity
Credé maneuvers cholangiography cooperativity model
Credé methods cholangiole coordinate
Crenosoma vulpis cholangiolitic hepatitis coordinate covalent bond
Creutzfeldt cholangiolitis coordination
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) cholangioma coordination of benefits
Cricetinae cholangiopancreatography coossification
Cricetulus cholangioscopy coossify
Cricetus cholangiostomy copaiba
Crick cholangiotomy cope
Crigler cholangitic abscess copepod
Crigler-Najjar disease cholangitis copia element
Crigler-Najjar syndrome cholangitis lenta coping
Crile cholanic acid copolymer
Crile clamp cholanopoiesis copolymer -1
Crimean fever cholanopoietic copolymer resin
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever cholanthrene copper 67 (67Cu)
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus cholascos copper (Cu)
Crithidia cholate copper arsenite
Crocq cholate ligase copper cataract
Crocq disease cholate synthetase copper citrate
Crohn chole- copper colic
Crohn colitis cholecalciferol copper nose
Crohn disease cholechromopoiesis copper pennies
Cronkhite cholecyst copper phosphate cement
Cronkhite-Canada syndrome cholecystagogic copper protein
Crooke cholecystagogue copper sulfate
Crooke granules cholecystatony copper sulfate method
Crooke hyaline change cholecystectasia copperas
Crooke hyaline degeneration cholecystectomy copperhead
Crookes cholecystenterostomy copra itch
Crookes glass cholecystenterotomy coprecipitation
Crookes-Hittorf tube cholecystic copremesis
Crosby cholecystis coprimary
Crosby capsule cholecystitis coprine
Crosti cholecystoduodenal fistula coprius artemetaris
Crotalidae cholecystoduodenostomy copro-
Crotalus cholecystogastrostomy coproantibodies
Crotalus antitoxin cholecystogram coprolalia
Crotalus toxin cholecystography coprolith
Crouzon cholecystoileostomy coprology
Crouzon disease cholecystojejunostomy coproma
Crouzon syndrome cholecystokinase coprophagia
Crow cholecystokinetic coprophagous
Crow-Fukase syndrome cholecystokinin (CCK) coprophagy
Crowe cholecystolithiasis coprophil
Crowe sign cholecystolithotripsy coprophilia
Crowe-Davis mouth gag cholecystomy coprophobia
Crustacea cholecystopaque coprophrasia
Cruveilhier cholecystopathy coproplanesia
Cruveilhier fascia cholecystopexy coproporphyria
Cruveilhier fossa cholecystorrhaphy coproporphyrin
Cruveilhier joint cholecystosonography coproporphyrinogen
Cruveilhier ligaments cholecystostomy coproporphyrinogen oxidase
Cruveilhier plexus cholecystotomy copropraxia
Cruveilhier-Baumgarten disease choledoch- coprostane
Cruveilhier-Baumgarten murmur choledoch duct coprostanone
Cruveilhier-Baumgarten sign choledochal coprostasis
Cruveilhier-Baumgarten syndrome choledochal cyst coprostenol
Cruz choledochal sphincter coprosterol
Cruz trypanosomiasis choledochectomy coprostigmastane
Cryptococcus choledochendysis coproxamol
Cryptococcus neoformans choledochiarctia coprozoa
Cryptocystis trichodectis choledochitis coprozoic
Cryptosporidium choledocho- coptosis
Cryptosporidium parvum choledochocholedochostomy copula
Cryptostroma corticale choledochoduodenal junction copula linguae
Cs choledochoduodenostomy copulation
C-section choledochoenterostomy copulines
Côte-d'Ivoire virus choledochojejunostomy coquille
Ctenocephalides choledocholith cor
Cu choledocholithiasis cor adiposum
Culex choledocholithotomy cor biloculare
Culex nigripalpus choledocholithotripsy cor bovinum
Culex pipiens choledocholithotrity cor mobile
Culex quinquefasciatus choledochoplasty cor pendulum
Culex restuans choledochorrhaphy cor pulmonale
Culex salinarius choledochostomy cor triatriatum
Culex tarsalis choledochotomy cor triloculare
Culicidae choledochous cor triloculare biatriatum
Culicoides choledochus cor triloculare biventriculare
Culicoides austeni choleglobin coracidium
Culicoides furens cholehematin coracoacromial
Culicoides milnei cholehemia coracoacromial arch
Culiseta choleic coracoacromial ligament
Culiseta inornata choleic acids coracobrachial bursa
Culiseta melanura cholelith coracobrachial muscle
Cullen cholelithiasis coracobrachialis
Cullen sign cholelithotomy coracobrachialis muscle
Culp cholelithotripsy coracoclavicular
Culp pyeloplasty cholemesis coracoclavicular ligament
Culver root cholemia coracohumeral
Cummer cholemic coracohumeral ligament
Cummer classification cholepathia coracoid
Cummer guideline cholepathia spastica coracoid process
Cumulative Index Medicus choleperitonitis coracoid tuberosity
Cunninghamella elegans cholepoiesis coral calculus
Cupid's bow cholepoietic coralliform cataract