Indeks haseł

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L late seizure lightning strip
L chain late syphilis light-touch palpation
L doses late systole ligneous
L form latebra ligneous conjunctivitis
L selectin latency ligneous struma
L shell latency period ligneous thyroiditis
L unit of streptomycin latency phase lignin
LA latent lignoceric acid
LACI latent adrenocortical insufficiency likelihood
LAD latent allergy likelihood ratio
LAK latent carcinoma lilliputian hallucination
LAMB latent carrier limb
LAMB syndrome latent content limb bud
LAO latent diabetes limb lead
LAP latent empyema limb myokymia
L-AP4receptor latent energy limb of helix
LASEK latent gout limb-girdle muscular dystrophy
LASIK latent heat limbic
LATS latent homosexuality limbic lobe
LAV latent hyperopia limbic system
LBF latent infection limbilimbi palpebrales
LBT latent learning limb-kinetic apraxia
LBW latent membrane protein (LMP) limbs of bony semicircular canals
LC latent microbism limbus
LCA latent nystagmus limbus acetabuli
LCAT latent period limbus alveolaris
LCAT deficiency latent rat virus limbus anterior palpebrae
LCM latent reflex limbus corneae
LCM virus latent schizophrenia limbus fossae ovalis
LCU latent stage limbus laminae spiralis osseae
LD latent syphilis limbus membranae tympani
L-D body latent transforming growth-factor (TGF)-β binding protein limbus of cornea
LDH latent typhoid limbus of osseous spiral lamina
LDH agent latent zone limbus of sphenoid (bone)
LDL late-onset Alzheimer disease limbus of tympanic membrane
LDL receptor disorder late-phase reaction limbus penicillatus
LE late-phase response limbus posterior palpebrae
LE body laterad limbus sphenoidalis
LE cell lateral limbus spiralis
LE cell test lateral abdominal region limbus striatus
LE factors lateral abdominal/pectoral cutaneous branches of intercostal nerves lime
LE phenomenon lateral aberrant thyroid carcinoma lime water
LEEP lateral aberration limen
LEMS lateral alveolar abscess limen insulae
LEOPARD lateral ampullar nerve limen nasi
LEOPARD syndrome lateral amygdaloid nucleus limerence
LES lateral angle of eye limes (L)
LET lateral angle of scapula liminal
LETS lateral angle of uterus liminal stimulus
LEU M1 lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve liminal trait
LFA lateral anterior thoracic nerve liminometer
LFP lateral aortic lymph nodes limit
LFT lateral aperture of fourth ventricle limit dextrin
LGSIL lateral arcuate ligament limit dextrinase
LGV lateral aspect limited neck dissection
LH lateral atlantoaxial joint limiting angle
LH/FSH-RF lateral atlantoepistrophic joint limiting decision
LH-RF lateral atlantooccipital ligament limiting layers of cornea
LH-RH lateral atrial branch of left coronary artery limiting membrane of retina
LINAC lateral atrial branch of right coronary artery limiting sulcus
LINES lateral atrial vein limiting sulcus of Reil
LIP lateral axillary lymph nodes limiting sulcus of fourth ventricle
L-L factor lateral basal branch limnemia
LLAT lateral basal (bronchopulmonary) segment [S IX] limnemic
LLETZ lateral basal segmental artery limnology
LLL lateral bicipital groove limon
LLQ lateral border limophthisis
LM lateral border of foot limp
LMA lateral border of forearm limulus lysate test
LMP lateral border of humerus lincomycin
LMT lateral border of kidney lincosamide
LNPF lateral border of nail lincture
LOA lateral border of scapula line
LOC lateral branches line angle
LOCA lateral branches of artery of tuber cinereum line for soleus muscle
LOCM lateral branches of pontine arteries line of Bechterew
LOP lateral branches of posterior rami of cervical/thoracic/lumbar/sacral/coccygeal spinal nerves line of Gennari
LOT lateral (bronchopulmonary) segment [S IV] line of Kaes
LP lateral calcaneal branches of sural nerve line of demarcation
LPF lateral canal line of fixation
LPH lateral canthus line of occlusion
LPN lateral cartilage of nose line of vision
LPO lateral cartilaginous plate line pairs
LPR lateral caval lymph nodes line spread function (LSF)
LPS lateral central palmar space line test
L.R.C.P. lateral cerebellomedullary cistern linea
L.R.C.P.(E) lateral cerebral fissure linea alba
L.R.C.P.(I) lateral cerebral fossa linea anocutanea
L.R.C.S. lateral cervical lymph nodes linea anorectalis
L.R.C.S.(E) lateral cervical nucleus linea arcuata
L.R.C.S.(I) lateral cervical region linea arcuata ossis ilii
LRF lateral circumflex artery of thigh linea arcuata vaginae musculi recti abdominis
L.R.F.P.S. lateral circumflex femoral artery linea aspera
LRH lateral circumflex femoral veins linea axillaris anterior
L:S ratio lateral collateral ligament of ankle linea axillaris media
LSA lateral column linea axillaris posterior
LSD lateral column of spinal cord linea corneae senilis
LSF lateral compartment of leg linea epiphysialis
LSIL lateral condylar inclination linea glutea anterior
LSP lateral condyle linea glutea inferior
LST lateral condyle of femur linea glutea posterior
LT lateral condyle of tibia linea intercondylaris femoris
LTBP lateral cord of brachial plexus linea intermedia cristae iliacae
LTH lateral corticospinal tract linea interspinalis
LTM lateral costal branch of internal thoracic artery linea intertrochanterica
LTP lateral costotransverse ligament linea intertubercularis
LTR lateral cricoarytenoid (muscle ) linea mammillaris
LUL lateral crus linea mediana anterior
LUQ lateral crus of facial canal linea mediana posterior
LV lateral crus of horizontal part of the facial canal linea medio-axillaris
LVEF lateral crus of the major alar cartilage of the nose linea medioclavicularis
LVET lateral crus of the superficial inguinal ring linea musculi solei
LVN lateral cuneate nucleus linea mylohyoidea
La lateral cuneiform (bone ) linea nigra
La Crosse virus lateral curvature linea nuchae inferior
Laband lateral cutaneous branch linea nuchae mediana
Laband syndrome lateral cutaneous branches of anterior ramus of thoracic spinal nerves linea nuchae superior
Labbé lateral cutaneous branches of intercostal nerves linea nuchae suprema
Labbé triangle lateral cutaneous nerve of calf linea obliqua
Labbé vein lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm linea obliqua cartilaginis thyroideae
Labrador keratopathy lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh linea obliqua mandibulae
Lac operon lateral decubitus radiograph linea parasternalis
Lachman test lateral direct veins linea paravertebralis
Lactobacillaceae lateral division of left liver linea pectinata canalis analis
Lactobacillus lateral dorsal cutaneous nerve linea pectinea femoris
Lactobacillus acidophilus lateral dorsal nucleus linea poplitea
Lactobacillus brevis lateral epicondylar crest linea postaxillaris
Lactobacillus buchneri lateral epicondylar ridge linea preaxillaris
Lactobacillus bulgaricus lateral epicondyle of femur linea scapularis
Lactobacillus bulgaricus factor (LBF) lateral epicondyle of humerus linea semicircularis
Lactobacillus casei lateral excursion linea semilunaris
Lactobacillus casei factorf. lateral fasciculus proprius linea spiralis femoris
Lactobacillus catenaformis lateral femoral circumflex artery linea splendens
Lactobacillus crispatus lateral femoral cutaneous nerve linea sternalis
Lactobacillus curvatus lateral femoral tuberosity linea subcostalis
Lactobacillus delbrueckii lateral fillet linea supracondylaris lateralis
Lactobacillus fermentum lateral flexures of rectum linea supracondylaris medialis
Lactobacillus jensenii lateral folds linea supracristalis
Lactobacillus plantarum lateral fossa of brain linea temporalis inferior ossis parietalis
Lactobacillus salivarius lateral frontobasal artery linea temporalis ossis frontalis
Lactobacillus trichodes lateral funiculus linea temporalis superior ossis parietalis
Ladd lateral funiculus of spinal cord linea terminalis of pelvis
Ladd band lateral geniculate body linea terminalis pelvis
Ladd operation lateral geniculate nucleus linea trapezoidea
Ladd-Franklin lateral ginglymus lineae atrophicae
Ladd-Franklin theory lateral glandular branch of superior thyroid artery lineae distractione
Lady Windemere's syndrome lateral glossoepiglottic fold lineae gluteae
Laelaps echidninus lateral great muscle lineae transversae ossis sacri
Lafora lateral ground bundle lineage
Lafora body lateral habenular nucleus linear
Lafora body disease lateral head linear IgA bullous disease in children
Lafora disease lateral head of flexor hallucis brevis muscle linear absorption coefficient
Lagomorpha lateral hermaphroditism linear acceleration
Lahey lateral horn linear accelerator (LINAC)
Lahey forceps lateral humeral epicondylitis linear amplification
Lahore sore lateral hypothalamic area linear amputation
Laimer-Haeckerman area lateral hypothalamic region linear atrophy
Laki-Lorand factor lateral illumination linear craniectomy
Lallemand lateral incisor linear density
Lallemand bodies lateral inferior genicular artery linear energy transfer (LET)
Lallouette lateral inferior hepatic area linear epidermal nevus
Lallouette pyramid later•al in•gu•inal linear fracture
Lam B lateral intermediate substance linear opacity
Lamarck lateral jugular lymph nodes linear phonocardiograph
Lamaze lateral lacunae of superior sagittal sinus linear scleroderma
Lamaze method lateral lacunaelacunae linear skull fracture
Lambda phage lateral lacunar lymph node linearity
Lambert lateral lacunar node linebreeding
Lambert law lateral lakes lined flap
Lambert syndrome lateral lamina of cartilage of pharyngotympanic (auditory) tube liner
Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS) lateral lemniscus lines of Blaschko
Lambert-Eaton syndrome lateral ligament of ankle lines of Retzius
Lambl excrescences lateral ligament of bladder lines of Zahn
Lamblia intestinalis lateral ligament of elbow lines of osteosynthesis
Lambrinudi lateral ligament of knee lines of pleural reflection
Lambrinudi operation lateral ligament of malleus lingua
Lamy lateral ligament of temporomandibular joint lingua cerebelli
Lan antigen lateral ligament of wrist lingua fissurata
Lancaster red green test lateral limb lingua frenata
Lancefield lateral lingual bud lingua geographica
Lancefield classification lateral lingual swellings lingua nigra
Lancisi lateral lip of linea aspera lingua plicata
Lancisi sign lateral lithotomy lingual
Landau-Kleffner syndrome lateral longitudinal arch of foot lingual aponeurosis
Landolfi sign lateral longitudinal stria lingual arch
Landouzy lateral lumbar intertransversarii (muscles ) lingual artery
Landouzy-Dejerine dystrophy lateral lumbar intertransverse muscles lingual bar
Landouzy-Grasset law lateral lumbocostal arch lingual bone
Landry lateral malleolar arteries lingual branch of facial nerve
Landry paralysis lateral malleolar branch (of fibular [peroneal] artery) lingual branches
Landry syndrome lateral malleolar facet of talus lingual crypt
Landry-Guillain-Barré syndrome lateral malleolar ligament lingual embrasure
Landschutz tumor lateral malleolar network lingual flange
Landsteiner lateral malleolar subcutaneous bursa lingual follicles
Landsteiner-Donath test lateral malleolar surface of talus lingual frenulum
Landström lateral malleolus lingual gingiva
Landström muscle lateral malleolus bursa lingual gingival papilla
Landzert lateral mammary branches lingual glands
Landzert fossa lateral mammary branches of lateral cutaneous branches of thoracic spinal nerves lingual goiter
Lane lateral mammary branches of lateral pectoral cutaneous branches of intercostal nerves lingual gyrus
Lane band lateral mammary branches of lateral thoracic artery lingual hemiatrophy
Lane disease lateral margin lingual interdental papilla
Lane kink lateral marginal vein of foot lingual lobe
Lange lateral mass of atlas lingual lymph nodes
Lange solution lateral mass of ethmoid bone lingual mucosa
Lange test lateral medullary branches (of intracranial part) of vertebral artery lingual muscles
Lange-Nielsen lateral medullary lamina [TA] of lentiform nucleus lingual nerve
Langenbeck lateral medullary syndrome lingual occlusion
Langenbeck triangle lateral meniscus lingual papillae
Langendorff lateral mesoderm lingual plate
Langendorff method lateral midpalmar space lingual plexus
Langer lateral movement lingual quinsy
Langer arch lateral myocardial infarction lingual rest
Langer lines lateral nasal artery lingual root of tooth
Langer muscle lateral nasal branch of facial artery lingual salivary gland depression
Langer-Saldino syndrome lateral nasal branches of anterior ethmoidal nerve lingual septum
Langerhans lateral nasal fold lingual splint
Langerhans cell histiocytosis lateral nasal process lingual surface of tooth
Langerhans cells lateral nasal prominence lingual tonsil
Langerhans granule lateral nucleus lingual vein
Langerhans islands lateral nucleus of mammillary body lingual-facial-buccal dyskinesia
Langhans lateral nucleus of medulla oblongata linguatuliasis
Langhans cells lateral nucleus of thalamus linguiform
Langhans layer lateral nucleus of trapezoid body linguine sign
Langhans stria lateral oblique radiograph lingula
Langhans-type giant cells lateral occipital artery lingula cerebelli
Langley lateral occipital sulcus lingula mandibulae
Langley granules lateral occipitotemporal gyrus lingula of cerebellum
Langmuir lateral occlusion lingula of left lung
Langmuir trough lateral olfactory gyrus lingula of mandible
Laënnec lateral orbitofrontal artery lingula pulmonis sinistri
Laënnec cirrhosis lateral palatal shelf lingula sphenoidalis
Laënnec pearls lateral palatine processes lingular
Lannelongue lateral palpebral commissure lingular artery
Lannelongue foramina lateral palpebral ligament lingular vein
Lannelongue ligaments lateral palpebral raphe lingulectomy
Lanterman lateral parabrachial nucleus linguo-
Lanterman incisures lateral part of fornix of vagina linguocervical ridge
Lanterman segments lateral part of longitudinal arch of foot linguoclination
Lanz lateral part of middle lobe vein (of right superior pulmonary vein) linguoclusion
Lanz line lateral part of occipital bone linguodistal
Lapicque lateral part of posterior cervical intertransversarii (muscles) linguofacial (arterial) trunk
Lapicque law lateral part of posterior (extensor) compartment of forearm linguogingival
Laplace lateral part of sacrum linguogingival fissure
Laplace forceps lateral part of vaginal fornix linguogingival groove
Laplace law lateral patellar retinaculum linguogingival ridge
Laquer lateral pectoral nerve linguo-occlusal
Laquer stain for alcoholic hyalin lateral pelvic wall triangle linguopapillitis
Larmor frequency lateral pericardial lymph nodes linguoplate
Laron lateral pericuneate nucleus linguoversion
Laron type dwarfism lateral periodontal abscess liniment
Laroyenne lateral periodontal cyst linin
Laroyenne operation lateral pharyngeal space linin network
Larrey lateral plantar artery lining
Larrey cleft lateral plantar nerve lining cell
Larsen lateral plate linitis
Larsen syndrome lateral plate mesoderm linitis plastica
Larsson lateral plate of cartilaginous auditory tube link
Lasègue lateral plate of pterygoid process linkage
Lasègue sign lateral pole linkage analysis
Lasègue syndrome lateral posterior cervical intertransversarii muscles linkage disequilibrium
Lasègue test lateral posterior nucleus linkage group
Lash lateral preoptic nucleus linkage map
Lash casein hydrolysate-serum medium lateral process of calcaneal tuberosity linkage marker
Lash operation lateral process of malleus linked
Lasiohelea lateral process of septal nasal cartilage linker
Lassa fever lateral process of talus linker DNA
Lassa hemorrhagic fever lateral projection linker scanning
Lassa virus lateral proprius bundle linking number (L)
Latarget lateral pterygoid (muscle ) linnaean system of nomenclature
Latarget nerve lateral pterygoid plate linoleate
Latarget vein lateral puboprostatic ligament linoleic acid
Latin square lateral pubovesical ligament linolenic acid
Latrodectus lateral pyramidal fasciculus linolic acid
Latrodectus mactans lateral pyramidal tract linseed
Latzko lateral ramus radiograph linseed oil
Latzko cesarean section lateral raphespinal tract lint
Laugier lateral recess of fourth ventricle lio-
Laugier hernia lateral rectus (muscle ) lion-jaw bone-holding forceps
Laumonier lateral rectus muscle of the head lip-
Laumonier ganglion lateral recumbent position lip pits
Launois lateral region lip reading
Launois-Bensaude syndrome lateral region of abdominal region lip reflex
Launois-Cléret syndrome lateral region of neck lip sulcus
Laurence lateral reticular nucleus lip switch flap
Laurence-Moon syndrome lateral reticulospinal tract lipancreatin
Laurer lateral retinaculum of orbit liparocele
Laurer canal lateral root of median nerve lipase
Lauth lateral root of optic tract lipase test
Lauth canal lateral sacral arteries lipectomy
Lauth ligament lateral sacral branches of median sacral artery lipedema
Lauth violet lateral sacral crest lipedematous alopecia
Lavdovsky lateral sacral veins lipemia
Lavdovsky nucleoid lateral sacrococcygeal ligament lipemia retinalis
Laverania lateral segment lipemic
Lavoisier lateral segmental artery lipemic retinopathy
Lawrence lateral semicircular canals lipid
Lawrence-Seip syndrome lateral septal nucleus lipid A
L-chain disease lateral sinus lipid granulomatosis
L-chain myeloma lateral skull radiograph lipid histiocytosis
Lücke lateral spinal sclerosis lipid keratopathy
Lücke test lateral spinothalamic tract lipid pneumonia
L+dose lateral splanchnic arteries lipid raft
Le Bel lateral striate arteries lipidemia
Le Bel-van't Hoff rule lateral sulcus lipidic growth
Le Chatelier lateral superior genicular artery lipid-mobilizing hormone
Le Chatelier law lateral superior hepatic area lipidolytic
Le Chatelier principle lateral superior olivary nucleus lipidosis
Le Fort lateral supraclavicular nerve lipo-
Le Fort I fracture lateral supracondylar crest lipoamide
Le Fort II fracture lateral supracondylar line lipoamide dehydrogenase
Le Fort III craniofacial dysjunction lateral supracondylar ridge lipoamide disulfide
Le Fort III fracture lateral supraepicondylar ridge lipoamide reductase (NADH)
Le Fort amputation lateral sural cutaneous nerve lipoarthritis
Le Fort osteotomy lateral surface lipoate
Le Fort sound lateral surface of arm lipoate acetyltransferase
Le antigens lateral surface of fibula lipoatrophia
LeCompte maneuver lateral surface of finger lipoatrophia annularis
LeCompte operation lateral surface of leg lipoatrophia circumscripta
LeVeen lateral surface of lower limb lipoatrophic diabetes
LeVeen shunt lateral surface of ovary lipoatrophy
League of Red Cross Societies lateral surface of (shaft of) radius lipoblast
Lear complex lateral surface of testis lipoblastoma
Leber lateral surface of tibia lipoblastomatosis
Leber hereditary optic atrophy lateral surface of toe lipocardiac
Leber idiopathic stellate neuroretinitis lateral surface of zygomatic bone lipocatabolic
Leber idiopathic stellate retinopathy lateral talocalcaneal ligament lipoceratous
Leber optic neuropathy lateral tarsal artery lipocere
Leber plexus lateral tarsal strip procedure lipochondria
Leclef lateral temporomandibular ligament lipochondrodystrophy
Leclercia lateral thalamic peduncle lipochrome
Ledermann lateral thoracic artery lipoclasis
Ledermann formula lateral thoracic vein lipoclastic
Lee lateral thyrohyoid ligament lipocortin
Lee ganglion lateral tuberal nuclei lipocrit
Lee-White method lateral tubercle (of posterior process) of talus lipocyte
Leede lateral umbilical fold lipodermoid
Leede-Rumpel phenomenon lateral umbilical ligament lipodieresis
Leeuwenhoek lateral vaginal wall smear lipodystrophia
Leeuwenhoek canals lateral vastus (muscle ) lipodystrophia progessiva superior
Lefèvre lateral vein of lateral ventricle lipodystrophy
Legal lateral venous lacunae lipoedema
Legal test lateral ventral hernia lipofectin
Legendre lateral ventricle lipofection
Legendre sign lateral vertigo lipoferous
Legg lateral vesical lymph nodes lipofibroma
Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease lateral vestibular nucleus lipofilling
Legionella lateral vestibulospinal tract lipofuscin
Legionella bozemanii lateral wall of middle ear lipofuscinosis
Legionella dumoffii lateral wall of orbit lipogenesis
Legionella feeleii lateral wall of tympanic cavity lipogenic
Legionella gormanii lateral zone lipogenous
Legionella longbeachae lateralis lipogenous diabetes
Legionella micdadei laterality lipogranuloma
Legionella pneumophila lateralization lipogranulomatosis
Legionella wadsworthii lateriflexion lipohemia
Legionnaires' disease latero- lipoic acid
Lehmann lateroabdominal lipoid
Leigh laterodeviation lipoid dermatoarthritis
Leigh disease lateroduction lipoid granuloma
Leigh syndrome lateroflexion lipoid nephrosis
Leiner lateroposition lipoid proteinosis
Leiner disease lateropulsion lipoid theory of narcosis
Leipzig yellow laterotorsion lipoidemia
Leishman laterotrusion lipoidosis
Leishman chrome cells lateroversion lipoidosis corneae
Leishman stain latex lipoidosis cutis et mucosae
Leishman-Donovan body latex agglutination test lipoinjection
Leishmania latex fixation test lipolipoidosis
Leishmania aethiopica lathe lipolysis
Leishmania braziliensis lathyrism lipolytic
Leishmania braziliensis braziliensis lathyrogen lipoma
Leishmania braziliensis guyanensis latissimus dorsi (muscle ) lipoma anulare colli
Leishmania braziliensis panamensis latitude lipoma arborescens
Leishmania donovani latitude film lipoma capsulare
Leishmania donovani archibaldi lattice lipoma cavernosum
Leishmania donovani chagasi lattice corneal dystrophy lipoma fibrosum
Leishmania donovani donovani latticed layer lipoma myxomatodes
Leishmania donovani infantum latus lipoma ossificans
Leishmania furunculosa laudable lipoma petrificans
Leishmania major laudable pus lipomatoid
Leishmania mexicana laudanine lipomatosis
Leishmania mexicana amazonensis laudanosine lipomatosis neurotica
Leishmania mexicana garnhami laudanum lipomatous
Leishmania mexicana mexicana laughing gas lipomatous hypertrophy
Leishmania mexicana pifanoi laughter reflex lipomatous infiltration
Leishmania mexicana venezuelensis laurel fever lipomatous polyp
Leishmania peruviana lauric acid lipomeningocele
Leishmania pifanoi lavage lipomucopolysaccharidosis
Leishmania tropica laveur liponucleoproteins
Leishmania tropica major law lipooxygenase
Leishmania tropica mexicana law of average localization lipopenia
Leiter law of constant heat summation lipopenic
Leiter International Performance Scale law of constant numbers in ovulation lipopeptid
Lejeune law of contiguity lipophage
Lejeune syndrome law of contrary innervation lipophagic
Lembert law of definite proportions lipophagic granuloma
Lembert suture law of denervation lipophagy
Leminorella law of excitation lipophanerosis
Lemli law of gravitation lipophil
Lemmiere syndrome law of independent assortment lipophilic
Lendrum law of intestine lipophosphodiesterase I
Lendrum phloxine-tartrazine stain law of mass action lipophosphodiesterase II
Lenègre law of multiple proportions lipopolysaccharide (LPS)
Lenègre disease law of partial pressures lipoprotein
Lenègre syndrome law of polar excitation lipoprotein Lp(a)
Lenhossék law of priority lipoprotein -X
Lenhossék processes law of recapitulation lipoprotein electrophoresis
Lennert law of reciprocal proportions lipoprotein lipase
Lennert classification law of referred pain lipoprotein polymorphism
Lennert lymphoma law of refraction lipoprotein(a) hyperlipoproteinemia
Lennox law of regression to mean lipoprotein-associated coagulation inhibitor (LACI)
Lennox syndrome law of segregation lipoprotein-associated phospholipase 2
Lennox-Gastaut syndrome law of similars liposarcoma
Lenoir law of specific nerve energies liposis
Lenoir facet law of the heart lipositol
Lentivirinae law of the minimum liposoluble
Leopold lawrencium (Lr liposome
Leopold maneuvers laws of association liposuction
Lepehne laxation lipothiamide pyrophosphate
Lepehne-Pickworth stain laxative lipotoxicity
Lepidoptera layer lipotrophic
Lepore thalassemia layer of Bechterew lipotrophy
Leporipoxvirus layer of inner and outer segments lipotropic
Leptomonas layer of nerve fibers lipotropic factor
Leptospira layer of piriform neurons lipotropic hormone (LPH)
Leptospira interrogans layer of rods and cones lipotropin
Leptothrix layers of cerebellar cortex lipotropy
Leptotrichia layers of cerebral cortex lipovaccine
Leptotrichia buccalis layers of dentate gyrus lipovitellin
Leptotrombidium layers of hippocampus lipoxenous
Leptotrombidium akamushi layers of retina lipoxeny
Leri layers of skin lipoxidase
Leri sign lazaret lipoyl
Leri-Weill disease lazy bladder syndrome lipoyl dehydrogenase
Leri-Weill syndrome lb lipping
Leriche lückenschädel lippitude
Leriche operation l-cone lips of mouth
Leriche syndrome l-dehydroascorbic acid lipuria
Lermoyez l-dopa lipuric
Lermoyez syndrome leaching liquefacient
Lerner lead liquefaction
Lerner homeostasis lead (Pb) liquefaction degeneration
Leroy lead acetate liquefactive
Lesch lead anemia liquefactive necrosis
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome lead carbonate liquefied phenol
Leser lead chromate liqueur
Leser-Trélat sign lead colic liquid air
Lesser triangle lead encephalitis liquid crystal thermography
Lesshaft lead encephalopathy liquid extract
Lesshaft triangle lead gout liquid glucose
Letterer lead hydroxide stain liquid human serum
Letterer-Siwe disease lead line liquid (l)
Leu lead monoxide liquid paraffin
Leuconostoc lead neuropathy liquid petroleum
Leuconostoc mesenteroides lead oxide (yellow) liquid pitch
Leudet lead palsy liquid scintillator
Leudet tinnitus lead paralysis liquid ventilation
Leukovirus lead poisoning liquid-liquid chromatography
Lev lead stomatitis liquor
Lev disease lead sulfide liquor amnii
Lev syndrome lead tetraethyl liquor cerebrospinalis
Levaditi lead tetroxide liquor cotunnii
Levaditi stain leader sequences liquor entericus
Levay antigen leading ancestor liquor folliculi
Leventhal leading edge liquor puris
Levey lead-pipe colon liquorice
Levey-Jennings chart lead-pipe rigidity liquorrhea
Levin lead-time bias lisping
Levin tube leaflet lispro insulin
Levine leak point pressure lissamine rhodamine B 200
Levinea leapfrog position lissencephalia
Levinea amalonatica learned drive lissencephalic
Levinea diversus learned helplessness lissencephaly
Levinea malonatica learning lissive
Leviviridae learning disability lissosphincter
Levret learning set lissotrichic
Levret forceps learning theory listeria meningitis
Lewandowski least confusion circle listeriosis
Lewis least splanchnic nerve listerism
Lewis Blood Group least squares liter (L
Lewis acid least squares estimator literal agraphia
Lewis base leather-bottle stomach literature
Lewy lecithal lith-
Lewy bodies lecithin lithagogue
Lewy body dementia lecithin acyltransferase litharge
Leyden lecithin -cholesterol transferase lithectomy
Leyden ataxia lecithinase lithiasis
Leyden crystals lecithinase A lithiasis conjunctivae
Leyden neuritis lecithinase B lithic acid
Leyden-Möbius muscular dystrophy lecithinase C lithium (Li)
Leydig lecithinase D lithium bromide
Leydig cell tumor lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT) lithium carbonate
Leydig cells lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio (L:S ratio ) lithium carmine
Lf lecithoblast lithium tungstate
Lf dose lecithoprotein litho-
Löffler lectin lithocholic acid
Löffler disease lectin glycohistochemistry lithoclast
Löffler endocarditis lectin pathway molecule lithogenesis
Löffler parietal fibroplastic endocarditis ledge lithogenic
Löffler syndrome leech lithogenous
Löffler syndrome I leeching lithoid
Löffler syndrome II leeway space lithokelyphopedion
L-ficolin left anterior descending artery lithokelyphos
Lhermitte left atrial veins litholabe
Lhermitte sign left atrioventricular orifice litholapaxy
Li left atrioventricular valve litholysis
Li-Fraumeni cancer syndrome left atrium of heart litholyte
Libman left auricle litholytic
Libman-Sacks endocarditis left auricular appendage lithomyl
Libman-Sacks syndrome left axis deviation lithonephritis
Liborius left branch lithopedion
Liborius method left branch of hepatic artery proper lithotome
Lichtenberg figure left bundle of atrioventricular bundle lithotomist
Lichtenberg flower left colic artery lithotomy
Liddell left colic flexure lithotomy position
Liddell-Sherrington reflex left colic lymph nodes lithotresis
Lieberkühn left colic vein lithotripsy
Lieberkühn follicles left coronary artery (LCA) lithotriptic
Lieberkühn glands left coronary vein lithotriptor
Liebermann left costal margin (LCM) lithotriptoscopy
Liebermann-Burchard reaction left crus of atrioventricular bundle lithotrite
Liebermann-Burchard test left crus of diaphragm lithotrity
Liebermeister left duct of caudate lobe of liver lithotroph
Liebermeister rule left fibrous trigone (of heart) lithuresis
Liebig left gastric artery lithuria
Liebig theory left gastric lymph nodes litigious paranoia
Liebow left gastric vein litmus
Liesegang left gastroepiploic artery litter
Liesegang rings left gastroepiploic lymph nodes little ACTHACTH
Lieutaud left gastroepiploic vein little finger
Lieutaud body left gastroomental artery little fossa of the cochlear window
Lieutaud triangle left gastroomental lymph nodes little fossa of the oval (vestibular) window
Lieutaud trigone left gastroomental vein little head of humerus
Lieutaud uvula left heart little league elbow
Likert left heart bypass little toe [V]
Likert scale left hepatic artery littoral cell
Lillie left hepatic duct live oral poliovirus vaccine
Lillie allochrome connective tissue stain left hepatic vein live vaccine
Lillie azure-eosin stain left inferior pulmonary vein livebirth
Lillie ferrous iron stain left lateral division of liver liveborn infant
Lillie sulfuric acid Nile blue stain left limb of atrioventricular bundle livedo
Lilly left liver livedo reticularis
Limnatis nilotica left lobe livedo reticularis idiopathica
Lindau left lobe of liver livedo reticularis symptomatica
Lindau disease left lumbar lymph nodes livedo telangiectatica
Lindau tumor left main bronchus livedo vasculitis
Lindbergh left marginal artery livedoid
Lindner left marginal vein liver
Lindner bodies left medial division of liver liver Lactobacillus casei factorf.
Lindqvist left ovarian vein liver acinus
Lineweaver left part of liver liver breath
Lineweaver-Burk equation left portal scissura liver bud
Lineweaver-Burk plot left pulmonary artery liver cell carcinoma
Ling left renal vein entrapment syndrome liver filtrate factor
Ling method left sagittal hepatic fissure liver flap
Lingelsheimia left semilunar cusp of aortic valve liver kidney syndrome
Lingelsheimia anitrata left superior intercostal vein liver of sulfur
Linguatula left superior pulmonary vein liver palm
Linguatula rhinaria left suprarenal vein liver spot
Linguatula serrata left testicular vein liver starch
Linguatulidae left triangular ligament of liver liver-shod clamp
Linognathus left umbilical vein livetin
Lipmann left ventricle (LV) livid
Liponyssus left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) lividity
Lipoptena cervi left ventricular ejection time (LVET) living anatomy
Lipschütz left ventricular failure living food diet vegetarian
Lipschütz cell left ventricular myomectomy living will
Lisch left ventricular volume reduction surgery livor
Lisch nodule left-footed lixivium
Lisfranc left-handed lm
Lisfranc amputation left-sided appendicitis l-α-narcotine
Lisfranc joints left-sided heart failure load
Lisfranc ligaments left-sidedness load-and-shift maneuver
Lisfranc operation left-to-right shunt loading
Lisfranc tubercle left-ventricular assist device loading dose
Lison leg lobar
Lison-Dunn stain leg of antihelix lobar bronchi
Lissauer leg phenomenon lobar nephronia
Lissauer bundle legal blindness lobar pneumonia
Lissauer column legal dentistry lobar sclerosis
Lissauer fasciculus legal medicine lobate
Lissauer marginal zone legionellosis lobe
Lissauer tract legumin lobe of prostate
Lister leguminivorous lobectomy
Lister dressing leio- lobelia
Lister method leiomyofibroma lobeline
Lister tubercle leiomyoma lobeline sulfate
Listerella leiomyoma cutis lobes of mammary gland
Listeria leiomyomatosis lobes of thyroid gland
Listeria denitrificans leiomyomatosis peritonealis disseminata lobi
Listeria grayi leiomyomectomy lobi cerebri
Listeria monocytogenes leiomyosarcoma lobi glandulae mammariae
Listing leiotrichous lobi glandulae thyroideae
Listing law leipo- lobi renales
Listing reduced eye leishmaniasis lobitis
Liston leishmaniasis recidivans lobomycosis
Liston knives leishmaniasis tegumentaria diffusa lobopodium
Liston shears leishmanin test lobose
Lithobius leishmaniosis lobotomy
Little leishmanoid lobster-claw deformity
Little Leaguer's elbow lemic lobular
Little area lemmoblast lobular capillary hemangioma
Little disease lemmocyte lobular carcinoma
Littré lemniscal trigone lobular carcinoma in situ
Littré glands lemniscus lobular glomerulonephritis
Littré hernia lemniscus lateralis lobular neoplasia
Litzmann lemniscus medialis lobulate
Litzmann obliquity lemniscus spinalis lobule
Lloyd lemniscus trigeminalis lobule of auricle
Lloyd reagent lemon lobules of epididymis
L-meromyosin lemon sign lobules of liver
Lo lemon yellow lobules of mammary gland
Lo dose length bias lobules of (right and left) lobes of prostate
Loa loa length (l) lobules of testis
Lobo length-breadth index lobules of thymus
Lobo disease lengthening reaction lobules of thyroid gland
Loboa loboi length-height index lobulet
Lobry de Bruyn lenitive lobuli folii
Lobry de Bruyn-van Ekenstein transformation lenocolic ligament lobuli glandulae mammariae
Lobstein lens lobuli glandulae thyroideae
Lobstein ganglion lens capsule lobuli lobi prostatae (dexter et sinistri)
Locke lens clock lobuli testis
Locke solutions lens pits lobuli thymi/thymici
Locke-Ringer solution lens placodes lobulilobuli epididymidis
Lockwood lens stars lobulus
Lockwood ligament lens substance (of eye) lobulus auriculae
Loeb lens sutures lobulus biventer
Loeb deciduoma lens vesicle lobulus biventralis
Loeffler lensectomy lobulus centralis corporis cerebelli
Loeffler bacillus lens-induced uveitis lobulus clivi
Loeffler blood culture medium lensometer lobulus corticalis renalis
Loeffler caustic stain lensopathy lobulus culminis
Loeffler methylene blue lente insulin lobulus cuneiformis
Loeffler stain lenticonus lobulus fusiformis
Loevit lenticula lobulus gracilis
Loevit cell lenticular lobulus hepatis
Loewenthal lenticular ansa lobulus paracentralis
Loewenthal bundle lenticular apophysis lobulus paramedianus
Loewenthal reaction lenticular astigmatism lobulus parietalis inferior
Loewenthal tract lenticular bone lobulus parietalis superior
Logan lenticular capsule lobulus quadrangularis
Logan bow lenticular colony lobulus quadratus
Logistic Organ Dysfunction Score lenticular fasciculus lobulus semilunaris inferior
Lohlein-Baehr lesion lenticular fossa lobulus semilunaris superior
Lohmann lenticular ganglion lobulus simplex
Lohmann reaction lenticular knife lobus
Lombard lenticular loop lobus anterior hypophyseos
Lombard voice-reflex test lenticular papillae lobus appendicularis
Lon protease lenticular process of incus lobus azygos pulmonis dextri
Long lenticular progressive disease lobus caudatus hepatis
Long coefficient lenticular vesicle lobus clivi
Long formula lenticulooptic lobus dexter
Longmire lenticulopapular lobus falciformis
Longmire operation lenticulostriate lobus flocculonodularis
Looney lenticulostriate arteries lobus frontalis
Looser lenticulothalamic lobus glandularis hypophyseos
Looser lines lenticulus lobus hepatis dexter
Looser zones lentiform lobus hepatis sinister
Lophophora williamsii lentiform bone lobus inferior pulmonis (dextri et sinistri)
Lorain lentiform nucleus lobus insula
Lorain disease lentigines lobus insularis
Lorain-Lévi dwarfism lentiginosis lobus limbicus
Lorain-Lévi infantilism lentiglobus lobus linguiformis
Lorain-Lévi syndrome lentigo lobus medius prostatae
Lorenz lentigo maligna lobus medius pulmonis dextri
Lorenz sign lentigo simplex lobus nervosus
Lorenzo oil lentivirus lobus occipitalis
Loschmidt lentogenic lobus parietalis
Loschmidt number (n0) lentula lobus posterior hypophyseos
Lou Gehrig disease leonine facies lobus prostatae
Louis leontiasis lobus pyramidalis glandulae thyroideae
Louis angle leontiasis ossea lobus quadratus hepatis
Louis law leopard fundus lobus sinister
Louis-Bar leopard retina lobus superior pulmonis (dextri et sinistri)
Louis-Bar syndrome leopard's bane lobus temporalis
Lovibond leper local
Lovibond angle lepidic local anaphylaxis
Lovibond profile sign lepothrix local anemia
Lovén lepra cells local anesthesia
Lovén reflex leprechaunism local anesthetic reaction
Lowe leprid local anesthetics
Lowe syndrome leproma local asphyxia
Lowe-Terrey-MacLachlan syndrome lepromatous local bloodletting
Lowenstein-Jensen culture medium lepromatous leprosy local death
Lowenstein-Jensen medium lepromin local epilepsy
Lower ring lepromin reaction local excitatory state
Lower tubercle lepromin test local flap
Lown leprosarium local glomerulonephritis
Lown-Ganong-Levine syndrome leprosery local hormone
Lowry leprostatic local immunity
Lowry protein assay leprosy local reaction
Lowry-Folin assay leprosy bacillus local sign
Lowsley leprotic local stimulant
Lowsley tractor leprous local symptom
Loxosceles leprous neuropathy local syncope
Loxotrema ovatum leptandra local tetanus
Lp-PLA2 leptin local tic
L-phase variants lepto- localization
Lr leptocephalous localization agnosia
Lr dose leptocephaly localization-related epilepsy
L-radiation leptochromatic localized
Léri pleonosteosis leptocyte localized nodular tenosynovitis
L-shaped kidney leptocytosis localized osteitis fibrosa
Lu leptodactylous localized pemphigoid of Brunsting-Perry
Lu antigens leptomeningeal localized peritonitis
Lubarsch leptomeningeal carcinoma localized scleroderma
Lubarsch crystals leptomeningeal carcinomatosis localizing electrode
Luc leptomeningeal cyst localizing symptom
Luc operation leptomeningeal fibrosis locant
Lucas leptomeningeal space locator
Lucas groove leptomeninges lochia
Lucilia leptomeningitis lochia alba
Lucilia caesar leptomeninx lochia rubra
Lucilia illustris leptomere lochia sanguinolenta
Lucilia sericata leptomonad lochia serosa
Lucio leptonema lochial
Lucio leprosy leptophonia lochiometra
Lucio leprosy phenomenon leptophonic lochiorrhagia
Lucké leptopodia lochiorrhea
Lucké virus leptoprosopia loci
Ludwig leptoprosopic lock
Ludwig angina leptorrhine lock finger
Ludwig angle leptoscope lock stitch
Ludwig ganglion leptosomatic lock-and-key model
Ludwig labyrinth leptospiral jaundice locked bite
Ludwig nerve leptospire locked facets
Ludwig stromuhr leptospirosis locked knee
Luebering leptospirosis icterohemorrhagica locked twins
Luer leptospiruria locked-in syndrome
Luft leptotene locking suture
Luft disease leptothricosis lockjaw
Luft potassium permanganate fixative lergotrile locomotive
Lugol lesbian locomotor
Lugol iodine solution lesbianism locomotor ataxia
Lukes lesion locomotorial
Lukes-Collins classification lesser alar cartilages locomotorium
Luna lesser arterial circle of iris locomotory
Luna-Ishak stain lesser circulation locular
Lund&aposs fly lesser cul-de-sac loculate
Lundh meal lesser curvature of stomach loculated empyema
Lunyo virus lesser horn of hyoid loculated pleural effusion
Luschka lesser internal cutaneous nerve loculation
Luschka bursa lesser multangular bone loculation syndrome
Luschka cartilage lesser occipital nerve loculus
Luschka cystic glands lesser omentum locum tenant
Luschka ducts lesser palatine arteries locum tenens
Luschka gland lesser palatine canals locus
Luschka joints lesser palatine foramina locus caeruleus
Luschka ligaments lesser palatine nerves locus cinereus
Luschka sinus lesser pancreas locus ferrugineus
Luschka tonsil lesser pelvis locus niger
Luse lesser peritoneal cavity locus of control
Luse bodies lesser peritoneal sac locus perforatus anticus
Lutembacher lesser petrosal nerve locus perforatus posticus
Lutembacher syndrome lesser rhomboid muscle locust gum
Lutheran Blood Group lesser ring of iris lod method
Lutz lesser sciatic notch lod score
Lutz-Splendore-Almeida disease lesser splanchnic nerve log-
Lutzomyia lesser superficial petrosal nerve logarithm
Lutzomyia flaviscutellata lesser supraclavicular fossa logarithmic phase
Lutzomyia intermedius lesser trochanter logarithmic phonocardiograph
Lutzomyia longipalpis lesser tubercle (of humerus) logetronography
Lutzomyia peruensis lesser tuberosity of humerus logistic curve
Luxol fast blue lesser tympanic spine logistic model
Luys lesser vestibular glands logit
Luys body lesser wing of sphenoid (bone) logit transformation
Lévi lesser zygomatic muscle lognormal distribution
Lévy let-down reflex logo-
Lw lethal logopedia
Löwenberg lethal coefficient logopedics
Löwenberg canal lethal dose (LD) logorrhea
Löwenberg forceps lethal dwarfism logospasm
Löwenberg scala lethal equivalent logotherapy
Lycoperdon lethal factor log-rank test
Lyell lethal gene loiasis
Lyell disease lethal midline granuloma loin
Lyell syndrome lethal mutation loliism
Lyme arthritis lethality lomustine
Lyme borreliosis lethality rate long QT syndromes
Lyme disease lethargic hypnosis long abductor muscle of thumb
Lymnaea lethargy long adductor muscle
Lynch letter blindness long association fibers
Lynch syndrome leuc- long axis
Lyon leucin long axis of body
Lyon hypothesis leucine (Leu long axis view
Lys leucine aminopeptidase (LAP) long bone
Lyssavirus leucine dehydrogenase long buccal nerve
Lyt antigens leucine hypoglycemia long central artery
Lythoglyphopsis leucine zipper long chain
l- leucine-induced hypoglycemia long ciliary nerve
la belle indifférence leucine-sensitive hypoglycemia long cone technique
label leucinosis long crus of incus
labeled atom leucinuria long extensor (muscle ) of great toe
labeled thyroxine leuco patent blue long extensor (muscle ) of thumb
labia leucoharmine long extensor (muscle ) of toes
labia oris leucoline long fibular muscle
labia uteri leucomethylene blue long flexor (muscle ) of great toe
labial leucovorin long flexor (muscle ) of toes
labial arch leucovorin calcium long flexor muscle of thumb
labial bar leuenkephalin long gyrus of insula
labial branches of mental nerve leuk- long head
labial commissure (of mouth) leukanemia long incubation hepatitis
labial embrasure leukapheresis long interspersed elements (LINES)
labial flange leukemia long levatores costarum (muscles )
labial gingiva leukemia cutis long limb of incus
labial glands leukemia inhibitory factor long muscle of head
labial hernia leukemic long muscle of neck
labial occlusion leukemic hyperplastic gingivitis long palmar muscle
labial part of orbicularis oris (muscle) leukemic leukemia long peroneal muscle
labial splint leukemic myelosis long pitch helicoidal layer
labial sulcus leukemic reticulosis long plantar ligament
labial surface of tooth leukemic retinitis long posterior ciliary arteries
labial swelling leukemic retinopathy long process of malleus
labial tubercle leukemid long pulse
labial veins leukemogen long radial extensor muscle of wrist
labial vestibule leukemogenesis long root of ciliary ganglion
labialism leukemogenic long saphenous nerve
labially leukemoid long saphenous vein
labile leukemoid reaction long sight
labile affect leukin long subscapular nerve
labile current leuko- long terminal repeat sequences (LTR)
labile elements leukoagglutinin long thoracic artery
labile factor leukoaraiosis long thoracic nerve
labile hypertension leukobilin long vinculum
labile pulse leukoblast long-acting thyroid stimulator (LATS)
lability leukoblastosis long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase
labio- leukochloroma long-chain fatty acid:CoA ligase
labiocervical leukocidin long-chain 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency
labioclination leukocoria long-chain/very long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency
labiodental leukocytactic longevity
labiodental sulcus leukocytal longissimus capitis (muscle )
labiogingival leukocytaxia longissimus cervicis (muscle )
labiogingival lamina leukocyte longissimus (muscle )
labioglossolaryngeal leukocyte adherence assay test longissimus thoracis (muscle )
labioglossopharyngeal leukocyte adhesion deficiency (LAD) longitudinal
labiograph leukocyte bactericidal assay test longitudinal aberration
labiolingual appliance leukocyte common antigen longitudinal arc of skull
labiolingual plane leukocyte cream longitudinal arch of foot
labiomental leukocyte inclusions longitudinal bands of cruciform ligament of atlas
labionasal leukocyte interferon longitudinal canals of modiolus
labiopalatine leukocyte-function-assisted antigen (LFA) longitudinal cerebral fissure
labioplacement leukocythemia longitudinal dissociation
labioplasty leukocytic longitudinal duct of epoophoron
labioscrotal folds leukocytic pyrogens longitudinal fold of duodenum
labioscrotal swellings leukocytic sarcoma longitudinal fracture
labioversion leukocytoblast longitudinal layer of muscular coat
labitome leukocytoclasis longitudinal layer of muscular coat (of female urethra)
labium leukocytoclastic vasculitis longitudinal layer of muscular coat (of stomach)
labium anterius ostii uteri leukocytogenesis longitudinal layer of muscular layer of the intermediate part of male urethra
labium externum cristae iliacae leukocytoid longitudinal layer of the muscle coat of the small intestine
labium inferius oris leukocytolysin longitudinal layers of muscular tunics
labium internum cristae iliacae leukocytolysis longitudinal lie
labium laterale lineae asperae leukocytolytic longitudinal ligaments
labium limbi tympanicum laminae spiralis osseae leukocytoma longitudinal method
labium limbi tympanicum limbi spiralis osseae leukocytometer longitudinal oval pelvis
labium limbi vestibulare laminae spiralis ossei leukocytopenia longitudinal pontine bundles
labium limbi vestibulare limbi spiralis ossei leukocytoplania longitudinal pontine fasciculi
labium majus leukocytopoiesis longitudinal pontine fibers
labium majus pudendi leukocytosis longitudinal relaxation
labium mediale lineae asperae leukocytosis of the newborn longitudinal section
labium minus leukocytosis-promoting factor longitudinal sinus
labium minus pudendi leukocytotactic longitudinal study
labium posterius ostii uteri leukocytotaxia longitudinal sulcus of heart
labium superius oris leukocytotoxin longitudinal vertebral venous sinus
labium urethrae leukocyturia longitudinalis
labium vocale leukoderma longitype
labor leukoderma acquisitum centrifugum long-leg arthropathy
labor curve leukoderma colli long-term memory (LTM)
labor pains leukodermatous longus capitis (muscle )
laboratorian leukodontia longus colli (muscle )
laboratory leukodystrophia loop
laboratory diagnosis leukodystrophia cerebri progressiva loop diuretic
labored respiration leukodystrophy loop electrocautery excision procedure (LEEP)
labra leukodystrophy with diffuse Rosenthal fiber formation loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP)
labrale inferius leukoencephalitis loop excision
labrale superius leukoencephalopathy loop of hypoglossal nerve
labrocyte leukoencephalopathy with vanishing white matter loop resection
labrum leukoerythroblastic anemia loop stoma
labrum acetabuli leukoerythroblastosis loops of spinal nerves
labrum articulare leukokinetic loose associations
labrum glenoidale scapulae leukokinetics loose body
labyrinth leukokoria loose cartilage
labyrinthectomy leukokraurosis loose connective tissue of abdomen
labyrinthine leukolysin loose connective tissue of subcutaneous tissue
labyrinthine apoplexy leukolysis loose skin
labyrinthine artery leukolytic loosening of association
labyrinthine fistula leukoma lop ear
labyrinthine nystagmus leukomalacia lop-ear
labyrinthine placenta leukomatous lophodont
labyrinthine reflexes leukomyelitis lophotrichate
labyrinthine righting reflexes leukomyelopathy lophotrichous
labyrinthine torticollis leukon lordoscoliosis
labyrinthine veins leukonecrosis lordosis
labyrinthine wall of middle ear leukonychia lordosis cervicis
labyrinthine wall of tympanic cavity leukopathia lordosis colli
labyrinthitis leukopedesis lordosis lumbalis
labyrinthotomy leukopenia lordotic
labyrinthus leukopenic lordotic albuminuria
labyrinthus cochlearis leukopenic factor lordotic pelvis
labyrinthus corticis leukopenic index lotion
labyrinthus ethmoidalis leukopenic leukemia loudness discomfort level
labyrinthus membranaceus leukopenic myelosis loupe
labyrinthus osseus leukoplakia louping-ill virus
labyrinthus vestibularis leukoplakia vulvae louse
lac leukopoiesis louse flies
lac sulfuris leukopoietic louse-borne typhus
lac vaccinum leukoprotease lousy
lacca leukoriboflavin low convex
laccase leukorrhagia low forceps delivery
lacerable leukorrhea low grade astrocytoma
lacerated leukorrheal low lip line
lacerated foramen leukotactic low malignant potential tumor
laceration leukotaxia low molecular weight kininogen
lacertus leukotaxine low molecular weight proteins (LMP)
lacertus cordis leukotaxis low osmolar contrast agent (LOCA)
lacertus fibrosus leukotome low osmolar contrast medium (LOCM)
lacertus medius leukotomy low output failure
lacertus musculi recti lateralis bulbi leukotoxin low purine diet
lacertus of lateral rectus muscle leukotrichia low residue diet
lachrymal leukotriene inhibitors low salt diet
laciniae tubae leukotriene modifiers low salt syndrome
laciniate ligament leukotriene receptor antagonist low spinal anesthesia
lacis cell leukotriene receptor antagonists low wine
lacquer cracks leukotrienes (LT) low-calorie diet
lacrimal leupeptin low-density lipoprotein receptors
lacrimal apparatus leuprolide acetate low-egg-passage vaccine
lacrimal artery leurocristine lower
lacrimal bay levallorphan tartrate lower abdominal periosteal reflex
lacrimal bone levamisole lower airway
lacrimal border of maxilla levan lower alveolar point
lacrimal calculus levansucrase lower dental arcade
lacrimal canaliculus levarterenol lower esophageal sphincter (LES)
lacrimal caruncle levarterenol bitartrate lower extremity
lacrimal fascia levator lower eyelid
lacrimal fistula levator anguli oris (muscle ) lower head of lateral pterygoid (muscle)
lacrimal fluid levator ani (muscle ) lower jaw
lacrimal fold levator cushion lower lid
lacrimal fossa levator hernia lower limb
lacrimal gland levator labii superioris alaeque nasi (muscle ) lower lip
lacrimal groove levator labii superioris (muscle ) lower lobe of lung
lacrimal hamulus levator (muscle ) of thyroid gland lower motor neuron
lacrimal lake levator palati (muscle ) lower motor neuron dysarthria
lacrimal margin of maxilla levator palpebrae superioris (muscle ) lower motor neuron lesion
lacrimal nerve levator prostatae (muscle ) lower pole
lacrimal notch levator scapulae (muscle ) lower pole of testis
lacrimal opening levator swelling lower respiratory tract smear
lacrimal papilla levator veli palatini (muscle ) lower ridge slope
lacrimal part of orbicularis oculi muscle levatores costarum breves (muscles ) lower uterine segment
lacrimal pathway levatores costarum longi (muscles ) lower uterine segment cesarean section
lacrimal process of inferior nasal concha levatores costarum (muscles ) lowest lumbar arteries
lacrimal punctum level lowest splanchnic nerve
lacrimal reflex level of aspiration lowest thyroid artery
lacrimal sac level-dependent frequency response low-fat diet
lacrimal vein lever low-frequency transduction
lacrimation leverage low-grade fibromyxoid sarcoma
lacrimator levitation low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (LGSIL
lacrimatory levo- low-pass filter
lacrimoconchal suture levoatriocardinal vein low-tension glaucoma
lacrimogustatory reflex levobunolol hydrochloride low-tone hearing loss
lacrimomaxillary suture levobupivacaine hydrochloride loxoscelism
lacrimotomy levocardia lozenge
lact- levocardiogram l-rhamnose (Rha)
lactacid oxygen debt levocarnitine l-serine dehydratase
lactacidemia levoclination l-sorbose
lactacidosis levocycleduction l-stercobilinogen
lactalbumin levocycloduction lubricating cream
lactam levodopa lucency
lactamase levoduction lucent
lactase levoform lucid
lactase persistence levoglucose lucid interval
lactase restriction levogram lucidification
lactate levogyrate lucidity
lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) levophobia luciferases
lactate dehydrogenase virus levorotation luciferins
lactate 2-monooxygenase levorotatory lucifugal
lactated Ringer injection levotorsion lucipetal
lactated Ringer solution levoversion lues
lactating adenoma levulan lues venerea
lactation levulic acid luetic
lactation amenorrhea levulin lufenuron
lactation hormone levulinate luliberin
lactational levulinic acid lumbago
lactational mastitis levulosan lumbar
lacteal levulose lumbar appendicitis
lacteal cyst levulosemia lumbar arteries
lacteal fistula levulosuria lumbar branch of iliolumbar artery
lacteal vessel lewisite lumbar cistern
lactenin lexical lumbar flexure
lactescent leydigarche lumbar ganglia
lacti- l-glyceric aciduria lumbar hernia
lactic l-gulonic acid lumbar iliocostal muscle
lactic acid l-gulonolactone lumbar interspinal muscle
lactic acid bacillus l-gulonolactone l-g. oxidase lumbar lordosis
lactic acid cycle liberator lumbar lymph nodes
lactic acid dehydrogenase liberins lumbar lymphatic plexus
lactic acid fermentation liberomotor lumbar (lymphatic) trunks
lactic acid oxidative decarboxylase libidinization lumbar myelogram
lactic acidemia libidinous lumbar nephrectomy
lactic acidosis libido lumbar (nerve) plexus
lactiferous libido theory lumbar nerves [L1–L5]
lactiferous ampulla library lumbar part of diaphragm
lactiferous ducts library screening lumbar part of spinal cord
lactiferous gland lice lumbar puncture (LP)
lactiferous sinus licensed practical nurse (LPN) lumbar puncture needle
lactifugal licensed vocational nurse (LVN) lumbar quadrate muscle
lactifuge lichen lumbar region
lactigenous lichen amyloidosis lumbar rib
lactim lichen myxedematosus lumbar rotator muscles
lactimorbus lichen nitidus lumbar segments L1–L5 of spinal cord
lactinated lichen nuchae lumbar segments of spinal cord L1–5
lacto- lichen obtusus lumbar splanchnic nerves
lactobacillary milk lichen planopilaris lumbar triangle
lactobacilli lichen planus lumbar veins
lactobacillic acid lichen planus actinicus lumbar vertebrae [L1–L5]
lactobacillus lichen planus anularis lumbarization
lactobezoar lichen planus atrophicus lumbi
lactobutyrometer lichen planus follicularis lumboabdominal
lactocele lichen planus hypertrophicus lumbocostal
lactochrome lichen planus verrucosus lumbocostal ligament
lactocrit lichen planus-like keratosis lumbocostal triangle of diaphragm
lactodensimeter lichen ruber moniliformis lumbocostoabdominal triangle
lactoferrin lichen sclerosus et atrophicus lumbodorsal fascia
lactoflavin lichen scrofulosorum lumboiliac
lactogen lichen simplex chronicus lumboinguinal
lactogenesis lichen spinulosus lumboinguinal nerve
lactogenic lichen striatus lumboovarian
lactogenic hormone lichenification lumbosacral
lactoglobulin lichenin lumbosacral angle
lactometer lichenoid lumbosacral enlargement
lactonase lichenoid amyloidosis lumbosacral enlargement of spinal cord
lactone lichenoid dermatosis lumbosacral joint
lacto-ovo-vegetarian lichenoid eczema lumbosacral (nerve) plexus
lactoperoxidase lichenoid keratosis lumbosacral (nerve) trunk
lactophenol cotton blue stain licorice lumbotomy incision
lactoprotein lid lumbrical
lactorrhea lid crutch spectacles lumbricalis
lactoscope lid reflex lumbricals (lumbrical muscles ) of foot
lactose lid-closure reaction lumbricals (lumbrical muscles ) of hand
lactose intolerance lidocaine hydrochloride lumbricidal
lactose synthase lie lumbricide
lactosuria lie detector lumbricoid
lactotherapy lieberkühn lumbricosis
lactotroph lien- lumbricus
lactotrophic lien accessorius lumbus
lactotropin lien mobilis lumen
lactovegetarian lien succenturiatus lumichrome
lactoylglutathione lyase lienal lumiflavin
lactulose lienal artery lumina
lactulose enema lienculus luminal
lacuna lienectomy luminalis
lacuna cerebri lienomedullary luminance
lacuna magna lienomyelogenous luminescence
lacuna musculorum lienopancreatic luminiferous
lacuna musculorum retroinguinalis lienophrenic ligament luminophore
lacuna pharyngis lienorenal luminous
lacuna urethralis lienorenal ligament luminous flux
lacuna vasorum lienteric luminous intensity (I)
lacuna vasorum retroinguinalis lienteric diarrhea luminous retinoscope
lacunaelacunae laterales lientery lumirhodopsin
lacunar lienunculus lumisterol
lacunar amnesia life lumpectomy
lacunar ligament life cycle lumpy jaw
lacunar state life events lunacy
lacunar tonsillitis life instinct lunar
lacunar-molecular layer life stress lunar caustic
lacunule life table lunar periodicity
lacus life-belt cataract lunare
lacus lacrimalis lifespan lunate
lacus seminalis life-span development lunate (bone )
ladder splint lifestyle lunate fissure
laetrile lift-up index lunate sulcus
laev- ligament lunate surface of acetabulum
lag ligament of head of femur lunatic