Indeks haseł

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M. mechanicoreceptor mitogen
M antigen mechanics mitogenesis
M1 antigen antigen antigen antigen mechanism mitogenetic
M band mechanism-based inhibitor mitogenic
M cell mechanistic school mitogenic lectin
M concentration mechanobullous disease mitomycin
M line mechanocardiography mitoplast
M phase mechanocyte mitosis
M protein mechanoelectric transduction mitosome
M2 segment of middle cerebral artery mechanophobia mitosporic fungi
M shell mechanoreceptor mitotic
MA mechanoreflex mitotic cycle
MAA mechanotherapy mitotic division
MAB mecism mitotic figure
MAC mecometer mitotic index
MAC complex meconate mitotic period
MAF meconial colic mitotic rate
MAI meconic acid mitotic spindle
MAIC meconin mitral
MALT meconiorrhea mitral area
MALT lymphoma meconium mitral cells
MALToma meconium aspiration mitral click
MAO meconium aspiration syndrome mitral commissurotomy
MAOI meconium blockage syndrome mitral facies
MAP meconium ileus mitral gradient
MAPs meconium peritonitis mitral incompetence
MASS meconium plug mitral insufficiency (MI)
MASS syndrome medfalan mitral murmur
MAST media mitral orifice
MAT mediad mitral regurgitation (MR)
MBC medial mitral stenosis (MS)
MBL medial accessory olivary nucleus mitral tap
MBP medial amygdaloid nucleus mitral valve
M.C. medial angle of eye mitral valve prolapse
MCAD medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve mitral valve prolapse syndrome
MCH medial anterior thoracic nerve mitral valvotomy
MCHC medial arcuate ligament mitralization
MCI medial arteriole of retina mitramycin
MCL medial arteriosclerosis mittelschmerz
MCMI medial atrial vein mixed agglutination reaction
MCP-1 medial basal branch of pulmonary artery mixed agglutination test
MCR medial basal (bronchopulmonary) segment S VII] mixed aphasia
M-CSF medial basal segmental artery mixed astigmatism
MCV medial bicipital groove mixed beat
M.Ch. medial border mixed chancre
MD medial border of foot mixed connective-tissue disease
MDF medial border of forearm mixed discrete-continuous random variable
MDI medial border of humerus mixed disulfide
MDMA medial border of kidney mixed episode
MDNCF medial border of scapula mixed esotropia
MDR medial border of suprarenal gland mixed expired gas
M.D.S. medial border of tibia mixed function oxygenase
M'Dowel medial brachial cutaneous nerve mixed gland
ME medial branch of posterior b. of spinal nerves mixed glioma
M:E ratio medial branch of posterior rami of cervical/thoracic/lumbar/sacral/coccygeal spinal nerves mixed glycerides
MEDLARS medial branches mixed hearing loss
MEDLINE medial branches of artery of tuber cinereum mixed hyperlipemia
MEG medial branches of pontine arteries mixed hyperlipidemia
MELAS medial (bronchopulmonary) segment [S V] mixed hyperlipoproteinemia familial
MEM medial calcaneal branches of tibial nerve mixed hypoglycemia
MEN3 medial canthal ligament mixed infection
MEN2A medial canthic fold mixed leukemia
MEN2B medial canthus mixed lymphocyte culture
MEP medial cartilaginous plate mixed lymphocyte culture reaction
MERRF medial central nucleus of thalamus mixed lymphocyte culture test
MET medial cerebral surface mixed mesodermal tumor
MGP medial circumflex artery of thigh mixed nerve
MGUS medial circumflex femoral artery mixed paralysis
MHA-TP test medial circumflex femoral veins mixed thrombus
MHC medial clunial nerves mixed tocopherols concentrate
MHC restriction medial collateral artery mixed tumor
MHSC medial collateral ligament of elbow mixed tumor of salivary gland
MHz medial commisural artery mixed tumor of skin
MI medial compartment of thigh mixing
MIC1 medial condyle mixing study in coagulation
MID medial condyle of femur mixotrophy
MIF medial condyle of tibia mixture
MIFT medial cord of brachial plexus ml
MIH medial crest of fibula mlRNA
MIM medial crural cutaneous branches of saphenous nerve müllerian
MIM number medial crural cutaneous nerve müllerian adenosarcoma
MIP medial crus müllerian agenesis
MIS medial crus of facial canal müllerian inhibiting factor
MIT medial crus of major alar cartilage of nose müllerian inhibiting substance (MIS)
MLC medial crus of the horizontal part of the facial canal müllerian regression factor
MLC test medial crus of the superficial inguinal ring mm
MLD medial cuneiform (bone ) mmHg
MM virus medial cutaneous branch of dorsal b. of posterior intercostal arteries mmol
MMMT medial cutaneous nerve of arm mneme
MMPI medial cutaneous nerve of forearm mnemenic
MMR medial cutaneous nerve of leg mnemic hypothesis
MMSE medial dorsal cutaneous nerve mnemic theory
MND medial dorsal nucleus [TA] of thalamus mnemism
MNSs antigens medial eminence mnemonic
MNSs blood group medial epicondylar crest mnemonics
M'Naghten medial epicondylar ridge mobile cecum
M'Naghten rule medial epicondyle of femur mobile end
MO medial epicondyle of humerus mobile part of nasal septum
MOC medial femoral circumflex artery mobile spasm
MOD medial femoral tuberosity mobilization
MOM medial fillet mobilize
MOPP medial forebrain bundle modal alteration
MOTT medial frontal gyrus modality
MP medial frontobasal artery mode
MP joints medial geniculate body model
MPD medial geniculate nuclei model game
MPR medial great muscle modeling
MPS medial habenular nucleus modeling composition
MPTP medial head modeling compound
MR medial head of flexor hallucis brevis modeling plastic
MR angiography (MRA) medial head of triceps brachii (muscle) moderate hypothermia
MRA medial inferior genicular artery moderator band
M.R.C.P. medial inguinal fossa moderator variable
M.R.C.P. (E) medial lacunar lymph node modern genetics
M.R.C.P. (I) medial lacunar node modification
M.R.C.S. medial lamina of cartilage of pharyngotympanic (auditory) tube modified acid-fast stain
M.R.C.S. (E) medial lemniscus modified milk
M.R.C.S. (I) medial ligament of ankle joint modified radical hysterectomy
MRD medial ligament of knee modified radical mastectomy
MRF medial ligament of talocrural joint modified radical mastoidectomy
MRH medial ligament of temporomandibular joint modified smallpox
MRI medial ligament of wrist modified trichrome stain
MRSA medial limb modified zinc oxide-eugenol cement
MS medial lip of linea aspera modifier
MS I medial longitudinal arch of foot modifier gene
MS-1 hepatitis medial longitudinal bundle modiolus
MSA medial longitudinal fasciculus modiolus anguli oris
MSB trichrome stain medial longitudinal stria modiolus labii
M.S.D. medial lumbar intertransversarii (muscles ) modiolus of angle of mouth
MSG medial lumbar intertransverse muscles modulation
MSH medial lumbocostal arch modulation transfer function (MTF)
MSM medial magnocellular nucleus modulator
MSN medial malleolar arteries modulus
MT medial malleolar branches (of posterior tibial artery) modulus of elasticity
MTBE medial malleolar facet of talus modulus of volume elasticity
MTF medial malleolar network moesin
MTP medial malleolar subcutaneous bursa mogiarthria
MUGA medial malleolus mogilalia
MVA medial mammary branches mogiphonia
MVE medial margin moiety
MVE virus medial marginal vein of foot moist gangrene
MVV medial medullary branches of vertebral artery moist rale
MW medial medullary lamina [TA] of lentiform nucleus mol
MWC model medial meniscus mol wt
MYO15 medial midpalmar space molal
MYO15 gene medial nasal branches of anterior ethmoidal nerve molality (m)
MYO7A medial nasal fold molar
MYO7A gene medial nasal process molar absorbancy index
Mac- medial nasal prominence molar absorption coefficient (ε)
MacConkey medial nuclei of thalamus molar absorptivity
MacConkey agar medial nucleus molar behavior
MacLachlan medial nucleus of trapezoid body molar concentration
MacLeod medial occipital artery molar extinction coefficient
MacNeal medial occipitotemporal gyrus molar glands
MacNeal tetrachrome blood stain medial olfactory gyrus molar mass
Macaca medial orbitofrontal artery molar pregnancy
Macchiavello stain medial palpebral commissure molar tooth
Mace medial palpebral ligament molar tubercle
Macewen medial parabrachial nucleus molariform
Macewen sign medial part of longitudinal arch of foot molarity (M
Macewen symptom medial part of middle lobe vein (of right superior pulmonary vein) mold
Macewen triangle medial patellar retinaculum mold guide
Mach medial pectoral nerve molding
Mach band medial pericuneate nucleus mole
Mach effect medial plantar artery mole fraction
Mach line medial plantar nerve molecular
Mach number medial plate of cartilaginous auditory tube molecular behavior
Machado-Guerreiro test medial plate of pterygoid process molecular biology
Machado-Joseph disease medial pole of ovary molecular biophysics
Mache unit (Mu) medial popliteal nerve molecular disease
Machupo virus medial posterior cervical intertransversarii (muscles molecular dispersed solution
Mackay medial preoptic nucleus molecular dispersion
Mackay-Marg tonometer medial process of calcaneal tuberosity molecular dissociation theory
Mackenrodt medial pterygoid (muscle ) molecular distillation
Mackenrodt ligament medial pterygoid plate molecular epidemiology
Mackenzie medial puboprostatic ligament molecular formula
Mackenzie amputation medial pubovesical ligament molecular genetics
Mackenzie polygraph medial rectus (muscle ) molecular heat
Maclagan test medial reticulospinal tract molecular layer
Maclagan thymol turbidity test medial root of median nerve molecular layer of cerebellar cortex
Macleod medial root of optic tract molecular layer of cerebellum
Macleod rheumatism medial rotator molecular layer of cerebral cortex
Macleod syndrome medial segment molecular layer of retina
Macracanthorhynchus medial segmental artery molecular layers of olfactory bulb
Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus medial septal nucleus molecular mass
Mad Hatter syndrome medial striate artery molecular movement
Maddox medial sulcus of crus cerebri molecular pathology
Maddox rod medial superior genicular artery molecular rotation
Madelung medial superior olivary nucleus molecular sieve
Madelung deformity medial supraclavicular nerve molecular weight (mol wt
Madelung disease medial supracondylar crest molecular weight ratio (Mr)
Madelung neck medial supracondylar line molecularity
Madlener medial supracondylar ridge molecule
Madlener operation medial supraepicondylar ridge molilalia
Madsen medial sural cutaneous nerve molimina
Madura boil medial surface mollities
Madura foot medial surface of arytenoid cartilage mollusc
Madurella medial surface of cerebral hemisphere molluscum
Maffucci medial surface of fibula molluscum body
Maffucci syndrome medial surface of lung molluscum conjunctivitis
Magendie medial surface of ovary molluscum contagiosum
Magendie law medial surface of (shaft of) ulna molluscum contagiosum virus
Magendie spaces medial surface of testis molluscum corpuscle
Magendie-Hertwig sign medial surface of tibia mollusk
Magendie-Hertwig syndrome medial surface of toes molt
Magill medial talocalcaneal ligament molybdate
Magill forceps medial tarsal arteries molybdenic
Magnan medial tubercle (of posterior process) of talus molybdenum 99 (99Mo)
Magnan sign medial umbilical fold molybdenum (Mo)
Magnan trombone movement medial umbilical ligament molybdenum cofactor
Magnus medial vastus (muscle ) molybdenum target tube
Magnus sign medial vein of lateral ventricle molybdic
Mahaim medial ventral nucleus molybdic acid
Mahaim fibers medial venule of retina molybdoenzymes
Maier medial vestibular nucleus molybdoflavoproteins
Maier sinus medial vestibulospinal tract molybdopterin
Maissiat medial wall of middle ear molybdous
Maissiat band medial wall of orbit molysmophobia
Majocchi medial wall of tympanic cavity moment
Majocchi granulomas medial zone momism
Makeham medialecithal mon-
Makeham hypothesis medialis monad
Malacarne medialization monamide
Malacarne pyramid median monamine
Malacarne space median antebrachial vein monaminuria
Malassez median anterior maxillary cyst monangle
Malassez epithelial rests median aperture of fourth ventricle monarda
Malassezia median arcuate ligament monarthric
Malassezia furfur median artery monarthritis
Malassezia ovalis median atlantoaxial joint monarticular
Malassezia pachydermatis median bar of Mercier monaster
Maldonado-San José stain median basilic vein monatomic
Maldonado-San Jose stain median callosal artery monaural
Malecot median cephalic vein monaxonic
Malecot catheter median commissural artery moneran
Malgaigne median conjugate monestrous
Malgaigne amputation median cricothyroid ligament mongolian
Malgaigne fossa median cubital vein mongolian fold
Malgaigne hernia median effective dose (ED50) mongolian spot
Malgaigne luxation median eminence monilethrix
Malgaigne triangle median glossoepiglottic fold moniliaceous
Malherbe median groove of tongue monilial
Malherbe calcifying epithelioma median laryngotomy moniliasis
Mall median line moniliform
Mall formula median lingual bud moniliform hair
Mall ridges median lingual swelling monism
Mallophaga median lithotomy monistic
Mallory median longitudinal raphe of tongue monitor
Mallory aniline blue stain median mandibular point monitoring
Mallory bodies median maxillary anterior alveolar cleft monkey B virus
Mallory collagen stain median nerve monkey hand
Mallory iodine stain median palatal cyst monkey malaria
Mallory phloxine stain median palatine suture monkey-paw
Mallory phosphotungstic acid hematoxylin stain median plane monkeypox
Mallory stain for actinomyces median preoptic nucleus monkeypox virus
Mallory stain for hemofuchsin median raphe cyst of the penis monkshood
Mallory trichrome stain median retruded relation mono-
Mallory triple stain median rhinoscopy monoacylglycerol
Mallory-Weiss lesion median rhomboid glossitis monoacylglycerol acyltransferase
Mallory-Weiss syndrome median sacral artery monoacylglycerol lipase
Mallory-Weiss tear median sacral crest monoamelia
Maloney bougies median sacral vein monoamide
Malta fever median section monoamine
Mammalia median sternotomy monoamine hypothesis
Mammomonogamus median sulcus of fourth ventricle monoamine oxidase (MAO)
Mammomonogamus laryngeus median sulcus of tongue monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI)
Man median thyrohyoid ligament monoaminergic
Manchester operation median tongue bud monoaminuria
Manchester ovoid median umbilical fold monoamniotic
Manchurian fever median umbilical ligament monoamniotic twins
Manchurian hemorrhagic fever median vein of forearm monoassociated
Manchurian typhus median vein of neck monoauxotroph
Mandelin reagent medianus monobactam
Manhold mediastinal monobasic
Mann mediastinal arteries monobasic acid
Mann methyl blue-eosin stain mediastinal branches monobasic ammonium phosphate
Mann-Bollman fistula mediastinal branches of internal thoracic artery monoblast
Mann-Williamson operation mediastinal branches of thoracic aorta monobrachius
Mann-Williamson ulcer mediastinal emphysema monobromated
Mannkopf mediastinal fibrosis monobromated camphor
Mannkopf sign mediastinal lipomatosis monocardian
Manson mediastinal part of lung monocephalus
Manson disease mediastinal part of parietal pleura monochlorphenamide
Manson eye worm mediastinal pleura monochorial
Manson schistosomiasis mediastinal pleurisy monochorial twins
Mansonella mediastinal space monochorionic
Mansonella demarquayi mediastinal surface of lung monochorionic diamnionic placenta
Mansonella ozzardi mediastinal veins monochorionic monoamnionic placenta
Mansonella perstans mediastinal window monochorionic twins
Mansonella streptocerca mediastinitis monochroic
Mansonella tucumana mediastinography monochromasia
Mansonia mediastinopericarditis monochromasy
Mansonoides mediastinoscope monochromatic
Mantel mediastinoscopy monochromatic aberration
Mantel-Haenszel test mediastinotomy monochromatic radiation
Mantoux mediastinum monochromatic x-ray
Mantoux pit mediastinum anterius monochromatism
Mantoux test mediastinum inferius monochromatophil
Marañón mediastinum medium monochromator
Marañón sign mediastinum of testis monochromic
Marburg disease mediastinum posterius monochromophil
Marburg virus mediastinum superius monocistronic
Marburg virus disease mediastinum testis monocle
Marcacci mediate monoclinic
Marcacci muscle mediate auscultation monoclonal
Marchand mediate percussion monoclonal antibody (MAB
Marchand adrenals mediate transfusion monoclonal gammopathy
Marchand rest mediation monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance
Marchand wandering cell mediator monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance (MGUS)
Marchant mediator complex monoclonal immunoglobulin
Marchant zone medicable monoclonal peak
Marchesani medical monoclonal protein
Marchetti medical anatomy monocranius
Marchi medical biophysics monocrotic
Marchi fixative medical care monocrotic pulse
Marchi reaction medical corps monocrotism
Marchi stain medical diathermy monocular
Marchi tract medical direction monocular diplopia
Marchiafava medical ethics monocular heterochromia
Marchiafava-Bignami disease medical examiner (ME) monoculus
Marchiafava-Micheli anemia medical genetics monocyte
Marchiafava-Micheli syndrome medical history monocyte chemoattractant protein
Marcille medical jurisprudence monocyte chemoattractant protein -1 (MCP-1)
Marcille triangle medical model monocyte-derived neutrophil chemotactic factor (MDNCF)
Marcus Gunn medical mycology monocytic leukemia
Marcus Gunn phenomenon medical pathology monocytic leukemoid reaction
Marcus Gunn pupil medical psychology monocytic leukocytosis
Marcus Gunn sign medical record monocytic leukopenia
Marcus Gunn syndrome medical record linkage monocytoid cell
Marek medical selection monocytopenia
Marek disease virus medical transcriptionist (MT) monocytosis
Marey medical treatment monodactyly
Marey law medicament monodisperse
Marfan medicamentosus monofixation syndrome
Marfan disease medicate monogametic
Marfan law medicated monogamy
Marfan syndrome medication monogenesis
Marg medication-overuse headache monogenetic
Margaropus medicator monogenic
Margaropus winthemi medicephalic monogenous
Marginal Line Calculus Index (MLC) medicinal monogerminal
Marie medicinal charcoal monoglyceride
Marie ataxia medicinal chemistry monograph
Marie-Robinson syndrome medicinal eruption monohydrated
Marie-Strümpell disease medicinal scarlet red monohydric
Marine-Lenhart syndrome medicinal soft soap monohydric alcohol
Marinesco medicinal zinc peroxide monohydroxysuccinic acid
Marinesco succulent hand medicine monoideism
Marinesco-Garland syndrome medico- monoinfection
Marinesco-Sjögren syndrome medicobiologic monoiodotyrosine (MIT)
Marion medicochirurgical monoisonitrosoacetone
Marion disease medicolegal monokine
Mariotte medicomechanical monolayers
Mariotte blind spot medicophysical monoleptic fever
Mariotte bottle medicopsychology monolocular
Mariotte experiment medio- monomania
Mariotte law mediocarpal monomaniac
Marjolin medioccipital monomastigote
Marjolin ulcer mediocolic sphincter monomelic
Markov mediodens monomer
Markov process mediodorsal monomeric
Marme reagent mediodorsal nucleus monometallic
Maroni sign mediolateral monomethylhydrazine
Maroteaux medionecrosis monomicrobic
Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome medionecrosis aortae idiopathica cystica monomolecular
Marquis reagent medionecrosis of the aorta monomolecular reaction
Marseilles fever mediopubic reflex monomorphic
Marshall mediotarsal monomorphic adenoma
Marshall method mediotrusion monomphalus
Marshall oblique vein mediotype monomyoplegia
Marshall syndrome medisect monomyositis
Marshall test medium mononeme
Marshall vestigial fold medium artery mononeural
Marshall-Marchetti test medium vein mononeuritis multiplex
Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz operation medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase (MCAD) mononeuropathy
Marshallagia marshalli medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency mononeuropathy multiplex
Martegiani medius mononuclear
Martegiani area medulla mononuclear phagocyte system (MPS)
Martegiani funnel medulla glandulae suprarenalis mononucleosis
Martin medulla nodi lymphoidei mononucleotide
Martin bandage medulla oblongata monooctanoin
Martin disease medulla of adrenal gland monooxygenases
Martin tube medulla of hair shaft monoparesis
Martin-Bell syndrome medulla of kidney monoparesthesia
Martin-Gruber anastomosis medulla of lymph node monopathic
Martinotti medulla of suprarenal gland monopathy
Martinotti cell medulla ossium monopenia
Martorell medulla ossium flava monophagism
Martorell syndrome medulla ossium rubra monophasia
Maslow medulla renalis monophasic
Maslow hierarchy medulla spinalis monophasic complex
Mason-Pfizer virus medullar monophenol monooxygenase
Masselon medullary monophenol oxidase
Masselon spectacles medullary arteries of brain monophobia
Masson medullary callus monophthalmos
Masson argentaffin stain medullary carcinoma monophthalmus
Masson trichrome stain medullary carcinoma of breast monophyletic
Masson-Fontana ammoniac silver stain medullary carcinoma of the kidney monophyletic theory
Mastadenovirus medullary carcinoma of thyroid monophyletism
Master medullary cavity monophyodont
Master disease medullary center monoplasmatic
Master test medullary chemoreceptor monoplast
Master two-step exercise test medullary cone monoplastic
Masters medullary cords monoplegia
Mastigophora medullary folds monoplegia masticatoria
Mattox-Fisch approach medullary groove monoploid
Mauchart medullary laminae of thalamus monopodia
Mauchart ligaments medullary layers of thalamus monopolar cautery
Maurer medullary membrane monopotassium phosphate
Maurer clefts medullary plate monops
Maurer dots medullary pyramid monoptychial
Mauriac medullary pyramidotomy monorchia
Mauriac syndrome medullary ray monorchidic
Mauriceau medullary reticulospinal tract monorchidism
Mauriceau maneuver medullary sarcoma monorchism
Mauriceau-Levret maneuver medullary sheath monorecidive
Mauthner medullary space monorecidive chancre
Mauthner sheath medullary spinal arteries monorhinic
Maxim medullary sponge kidney monosaccharide
Maxim-Gilbert sequencing medullary stria of thalamus monoscelous
Maximow medullary striae of fourth ventricle monoscenism
Maximow stain for bone marrow medullary substance monose
May medullary teniae monosodium glutamate (MSG)
May apple medullary tube monosodium phosphate
May apple root medullated monosome
May-Grünwald stain medullated nerve fiber monosomia
May-Hegglin anomaly medullation monosomic
May-White syndrome medullectomy monosomous
Mayaro virus medullization monosomy
Mayer medullo- monospermy
Mayer hemalum stain medulloarthritis monostome
Mayer mucicarmine stain medulloblastoma monostotic
Mayer mucihematein stain medullocell monostotic fibrous dysplasia
Mayer pessary medulloepithelioma monostratal
Mayer reflex medullomyoblastoma monosubstituted
Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome medullopontine sulcus monosymptomatic
Mayo mega- monosynaptic
Mayo bunionectomy megabacterium monosyphilide
Mayo operation megacalycosis monoterpenes
Mayo vein megacardia monothermia
Mayo-Robson megacaryoblast monotocous
Mayo-Robson point megacaryocyte monotonic sequence
Mayo-Robson position megacephalia monotreme
Mayou megacephalic monotrichate
Mazzoni megacephalous monotrichous
Mazzoni corpuscle megacephaly monotypic epithelioid angiomyolipoma
Mazzotti megacins monovalence
Mazzotti reaction megacoccus monovalent
Mazzotti test megacolon monovalent antiserum
Mb megacycle monovision
MbCO megacystic syndrome monovular twins
MbO2) megacystis monoxenic culture
Möbius megacystitis-megaureter syndrome monoxenous
Möbius sign megacystitis-microcolon-intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome monoxide
Möbius syndrome megadactyly monozoic
McArdle megadolichocolon monozygotic
McArdle disease megadont monozygotic twins
McArdle syndrome megadontism mons
McArdle-Schmid-Pearson disease megadyne mons pubis
McBurney megaesophagus mons ureteris
McBurney incision megagamete mons veneris
McBurney point megagnathia monster
McBurney sign megahertz (MHz) montan wax
McCall megakaryoblast montanic acid
McCall culdoplasty procedure megakaryocyte monticulus
McCarey-Kaufmann media megakaryocyte growth and development factor mood
McCarthy megakaryocytic leukemia mood disorders
McCarthy reflexes megal- mood stabilizing agent
McCrea megalecithal mood swing
McCrea sound megalgia mood-congruent hallucination
McCune megalo- mood-congruent psychosis
McCune-Albright syndrome megaloblast mood-incongruent hallucination
McDonald megaloblastic anemia mood-incongruent psychosis
McDonald maneuver megalocardia moon face
McGoon megalocephaly moon facies
McGoon technique megalocheiria moon-shaped face
McIndoe operation megalocornea mor. dict.
McKee megalocystis mor. sol.
McKee line megalocyte moral treatment
McKusick megalocythemia morbid
McKusick metaphysial dysplasia megalocytosis morbid impulse
McLean megalodactylia morbid obesity
McMurray megalodont morbid thirst
McMurray test megalodontia morbidity
McNemar test megaloencephalic morbidity rate
McPhail megaloencephalon morbific
McPhail test megaloencephaly morbigenous
McRoberts maneuver megaloenteron morbility
McVay megalogastria morbilli
McVay operation megaloglossia morbilliform
Md megalographia morbilous
Me megalokaryocyte morbus
MeSH megalomania morbus Addisonii
Meadows megalomaniac morcel
Meadows syndrome megalomelia morcellated nephrectomy
Mecca balsam megalophthalmos morcellation
Mecistocirrus megalopodia morcellation operation
Mecke reagent megalosplanchnic morcellement
Meckel megalosplenia mordant
Meckel band megalospore mores
Meckel cartilage megalosyndactyly morgagnian cyst
Meckel cavity megaloureter morgan (M)
Meckel diverticulum megalourethra morgue
Meckel ganglion megamerozoite moria
Meckel ligament meganucleus moribund
Meckel plane megapoietin morin
Meckel scan megaprosopia morning diarrhea
Meckel space megaprosopous morning glory
Meckel syndrome megarectum morning glory anomaly
Meckel-Gruber syndrome megaseme morning glory syndrome
Med Tech megasigmoid morning sickness
Mediterranean diet megasomia morning vomiting
Mediterranean erythematous fever megaspore morning-after pill (MAP)
Mediterranean exanthematous fever megathrombocyte moron
Mediterranean fever megaureter morph-
Mediterranean lymphoma megavolt morphea
Mediterranean spotted fever megavoltage morphea guttata
Medusa head meglitinides morphea linearis
Meeh meglumine morpheme
Meeh formula meglumine acetrizoate morphine
Meeh-DuBois formula meglumine diatrizoate morphine hydrochloride
Mees meglumine iothalamate morphine injector's septicemia
Mees lines megohm morphine sulfate (MS)
Mees stripes megophthalmus morpho-
Meesmann megoxycyte morphogen
Meesmann dystrophy megoxyphil morphogenesis
Meier megrim morphogenetic
Meige meibomian morphogenetic movement
Meige disease meibomian blepharitis morphologic
Meigs meibomian cyst morphologic element
Meigs syndrome meibomian glands morphology
Meinicke meibomian sty morphometric
Meinicke test meibomitis morphometric magnetic resonance imaging
Meischer syndrome meio- morphometry
Meissel meiosis morphon
Meissner meiotic morphophysiology
Meissner corpuscle meiotic division morphosis
Meissner plexus meiotic drive morphosynthesis
Melchior meiotic phase morphotype
Meleney meitnerium morrhuate sodium
Meleney gangrene mel- mors
Meleney ulcer melagra mors thymica
Melkersson melalgia morsicatio
Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome melamine formaldehyde morsulus
Melnick melamine resin mortal
Melnick-Needles osteodysplasty melan- mortality
Melnick-Needles syndrome melancholia mortality rate
Meltzer melancholic mortar
Meltzer law melancholy mortar kidney
Meltzer-Lyon test melanemia mortification
Menangle virus melaniferous mortise
Mendel melanin mortise joint
Mendel first law melanism mortuary
Mendel instep reflex melano- morula
Mendel second law melanoacanthoma morulation
Mendel-Bechterew reflex melanoameloblastoma moruloid
Mendeléeff melanoblast mosaic
Mendeléeff law melanocyte mosaic fundus
Mendelian Inheritance in Man (MIM) melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) mosaic inheritance
Mendelson melanocytoma mosaic pattern
Menge melanodendrocyte mosaic wart
Menge pessary melanoderma mosaicism
Mengo encephalitis melanoderma cachecticorum moschus
Mengo virus melanodermatitis mosquito
Menkes melanogen mosquito clamp
Menkes syndrome melanogenemia mosquito forceps
Menopon melanogenesis moss
Menten melanoglossia moss starch
Mentha melanoid mossy cell
Mercier melanokeratosis mossy fibers
Mercier bar melanoleukoderma mossy foot
Mercier sound melanoleukoderma colli most comfortable level
Mercier valve melanoliberin mote
Merendino melanoma moth-eaten alopecia
Merendino technique melanomatosis mother
Meretoja melanonychia mother cell
Meretoja syndrome melanopathy mother colony
Merkel melanophage mother cyst
Merkel cell tumor melanophore mother liquor
Merkel corpuscle melanophore-expanding principle mother of vinegar
Merkel filtrum ventriculi melanoplakia mother star
Merkel fossa melanoprotein mother surrogate
Merkel muscle melanorrhagia mother yaw
Merkel tactile cell melanorrhea motile
Merkel tactile disc melanosis motile leukocyte
Mermis melanosis coli motilin
Mermis nigrescens melanosome motility
Merrifield melanostatin motility test
Merrifield knife melanotic motility test medium
Merrifield synthesis melanotic freckle motion
Merritt melanotic medulloblastoma motion sickness
Merzbacher melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy motivation
Merzbacher-Pelizaeus disease melanotic pigment motive
Mesmer melanotic progonoma motofacient
Mesocestoides melanotonin motoneuron
Mesozoa melanotrichous motor
Met melanotroph motor abreaction
Metagonimus melanotrophin motor agraphia
Metastrongylus melanotropin motor amusia
Metazoa melanotropin release-inhibiting hormone (MIH) motor aphasia
Metchnikoff melanotropin-releasing factor (MRF) motor apraxia
Metchnikoff theory melanotropin-releasing hormone (MRH) motor area
Metenier sign melanuria motor ataxia
Methanobacteriaceae melanuric motor cell
Metorchis melasma motor cortex
Metorchis conjunctis melasma gravidarum motor dapsone neuropathy
Meulengracht diet melasma universale motor decussation
Mev melatonin motor endplate
Mexican hat cell melena motor fibers
Mexican hat corpuscle melena neonatorum motor image
Mexican spotted fever melena spuria motor impersistence
Mexican typhus melena vera motor nerve
Meyenburg melenemesis motor nerve of face
Meyenburg complex meletin motor neuron
Meyenburg disease meli- motor neuron disease (MND)
Meyenburg-Altherr-Uehlinger syndrome melibiase motor nuclei
Meyer melibiose motor nucleus of facial nerve
Meyer cartilages melicera motor nucleus of trigeminal nerve
Meyer line melioidosis motor nucleus of trigeminus
Meyer reagent melissa motor oculi
Meyer sinus melissic acid motor paralysis
Meyer-Archambault loop melissophobia motor plate
Meyer-Betz melitis motor point
Meyer-Betz disease melitose motor root of ciliary ganglion
Meyer-Betz syndrome melitriose motor root of spinal nerve
Meyer-Overton rule melittin motor root of trigeminal nerve
Meyer-Overton theory of narcosis mellitum motor speech center
Meyer-Weigert rule melo- motor system disease
Meyerhof melodidymus motor unit
Meyerhof oxidation quotient melomania motor urgency
Meynert melomelia motor zone
Meynert cells melon-seed body motorial
Meynert commissure meloplasty motormeter
Meynert decussation melorheostosis mottle
Meynert layer meloschisis mottled enamel
Mg melotia mottled tooth
Mhf melt mottling
Mibelli melting temperature moulage
Mibelli angiokeratomas melting temperature of DNA mould
Mibelli disease memapsin 2 moult
Michaelis member mounding
Michaelis complex membra mount
Michaelis constant membrana mountain anemia
Michaelis-Gutmann body membrana abdominis mountain balm
Michaelis-Menten constant (Km) membrana adamantina mountain disease
Michaelis-Menten equation membrana adventitia mountain sickness
Michaelis-Menten hypothesis membrana atlanto-occipitalis anterior mounting
Michel membrana atlanto-occipitalis posterior mounting medium
Michel malformation membrana basalis ductus semicircularis mourn
Michel spur membrana basilaris mouse
Micheli membrana capsularis mouse antialopecia factor
Micrococcaceae membrana capsulopupillaris mouse cancer
Micrococcus membrana carnosa mouse encephalomyelitis
Micrococcus conglomeratus membrana cerebri mouse encephalomyelitis virus
Micrococcus luteus membrana choriocapillaris mouse hepatitis virus
Micrococcus varians membrana cordis mouse leukemia viruses
Microspora membrana cricothyroidea mouse mammary tumor virus
Microsporasida membrana decidua mouse parotid tumor virus
Microsporida membrana eboris mouse poliomyelitis virus
Microsporum membrana fibroelastica laryngis mouse thymic virus
Microsporum audouinii membrana fibrosa capsulae articularis mouse unit (m.u.)
Microsporum canis membrana flaccida mousepox virus
Microsporum ferrugineum membrana fusca mousetail pulse
Microsporum fulvum membrana germinativa mouse-tooth forceps
Microsporum gallinae membrana granulosa mouth
Microsporum gypseum membrana hyaloidea mouth breathing
Microsporum nanum membrana hyothyroidea mouth guard
Microsporum persicolor membrana intercostalis externa mouth mirror
Microsporum rivalieri membrana intercostalis interna mouth of the womb
Microsporum vanbreuseghemi membrana interossea antebrachii mouth rehabilitation
Microtinae membrana interossea cruris mouth stick
Microtrombidium membrana limitans mouth-to-mouth respiration
Microviridae membrana limitans gliae mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
Miehlke syndrome membrana mucosa mouth-to-mouth ventilation
Miescher membrana nictitans mouthwash
Miescher elastoma membrana obturatoria movable heart
Miescher granuloma membrana perinei movable joint
Miescher tubes membrana pituitosa movable kidney
Mikity membrana preformativa movable pulse
Mikulicz membrana propria ductus semicircularis movable spleen
Mikulicz aphthae membrana propria of semicircular duct movable testis
Mikulicz cells membrana pupillaris movement
Mikulicz clamp membrana quadrangularis moxa
Mikulicz disease membrana reticularis organi spiralis moxalactam
Mikulicz drain membrana serosa moxibustion
Mikulicz operation membrana serotina moxidectin
Mikulicz syndrome membrana spiralis moxisylyte
Mikulicz-Vladimiroff amputation membrana stapedis moyamoya disease
Miles membrana statoconiorum m.p.
Miles operation membrana sterni mpl ligand
Milkman membrana striata ms
Milkman syndrome membrana succingens msec)
Millard membrana suprapleuralis mtDNA
Millard-Gubler syndrome membrana synovialis mtNOS
Miller membrana synovialis (stratum synoviale) capsulae articularis mu
Miller chemicoparasitic theory membrana tectoria (articulationis atlantoaxialis medianae) mucase
Miller-Abbott tube membrana tectoria ductus cochlearis muci-
Millner needle membrana tensa mucicarmine
Millon membrana thyrohyoidea mucid
Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI) membrana tympani muciferous
Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory test membrana tympani secundaria mucification
Millon reaction membrana versicolor muciform
Millon reagent membrana vestibularis ductus cochlearis mucigenous
Millon-Nasse test membrana vibrans mucihematein
Milroy membrana vitellina mucilage
Milroy disease membrana vitrea mucilaginous
Minamata disease membranaceous mucilaginous gland
Minerva jacket membranae intercostales mucin
Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) membranate mucin clot test
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory membrane mucinase
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory test (MMPI) membrane attack complex (MAC) mucinemia
Minot-Murphy diet membrane bone mucinogen
Mip membrane enzyme mucinogen granules
Mirchamp sign membrane expansion theory mucinoid
Mirizzi membrane of tympanum mucinoid degeneration
Mirizzi syndrome membrane potential mucinolytic
Mitchell membrane rupture mucinosis
Mitchell procedure membrane stripping mucinous
Mitchell treatment membrane-coating granule mucinous carcinoma
Mitrofanoff membranectomy mucinuria
Mitrofanoff principle membranelle muciparous
Mitsuda membraniform muciparous gland
Mitsuda antigen membranocartilaginous mucitis
Mitsuda reaction membranoid muco-
Mitsuo membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis mucoalbuminous cells
Mitsuo phenomenon membranous mucobuccal fold
Mittendorf dot membranous ampulla mucocele
Mixter clamp membranous ampullae of the semicircular ducts mucociliary
Miyagawa membranous cataract mucociliary clearance
Miyagawa bodies membranous cochlea mucociliary clearance rate
Miyagawanella membranous conjunctivitis mucociliary transport
Müller membranous dysmenorrhea mucoclasis
Müller capsule membranous glomerulonephritis mucocolitis
Müller duct membranous labyrinth mucocolpos
Müller fibers membranous lamina of cartilage of pharyngotympanic (auditory) plate mucocutaneous
Müller fixative membranous laryngitis mucocutaneous junction
Müller law membranous layer mucocutaneous leishmaniasis
Müller maneuver membranous layer of subcutaneous tissue of abdomen mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome
Müller muscle membranous layer of superficial fascia mucoenteritis
Müller radial cells membranous layer of superficial fascia of perineum mucoepidermoid
Müller sign membranous lipodystrophy mucoepidermoid carcinoma
Müller trigone membranous neurocranium mucoepidermoid tumor
Müller tubercle membranous ossification mucoepithelial dysplasia
M-mode membranous part of interventricular septum mucoglobulin
M-mode echocardiography membranous part of male urethra mucoid
Mn membranous part of nasal septum mucoid adenocarcinoma
Mönckeberg membranous pharyngitis mucoid colony
Mönckeberg arteriosclerosis membranous septum mucoid degeneration
Mönckeberg calcification membranous urethra mucoid impaction of bronchus
Mönckeberg degeneration membranous viscerocranium mucoid medial degeneration
Mönckeberg medial calcification membranous wall of middle ear mucolipidosis
Mönckeberg sclerosis membranous wall of trachea mucolipidosis I
Ménière membranous wall of tympanic cavity mucolipidosis II
Ménière disease membrum mucolipidosis III
Ménière syndrome membrum inferius mucolipidosis IV
Ménétrier membrum muliebre mucolysis
Ménétrier disease membrum superius mucolytic
Ménétrier syndrome membrum virile mucomembranous
Münzer memory mucomembranous enteritis
Mo memory B cells mucopeptide
MoAb memory T cells mucopeptide glycohydrolase
Mobitz memory loop mucoperichondrial flap
Mobitz block memory span mucoperiosteal
Mobitz types of atrioventricular block menacme mucoperiosteal flap
Moeller menadiol diacetate mucoperiosteum
Moeller glossitis menadiol sodium diphosphate mucopolysaccharidase
Moeller grass bacillus menadione mucopolysaccharide
Mogen clamp menadione reductase mucopolysaccharide keratin dystrophy
Mohr pipette menarche mucopolysaccharidosis
Mohr syndrome menarcheal mucopolysaccharidosis type IH
Mohrenheim mendelevium (Md) mucopolysaccharidosis type II
Mohrenheim fossa mendelian mucopolysaccharidosis type III
Mohrenheim space mendelian character mucopolysaccharidosis type IS
Mohs mendelian genetics mucopolysaccharidosis type IVA
Mohs chemosurgery mendelian inheritance mucopolysaccharidosis type V
Mohs fresh tissue chemosurgery technique mendelian ratio mucopolysaccharidosis type VI
Mohs micrographic surgery mendelian trait mucopolysaccharidosis type VII
Mohs scale mendelism mucopolysacchariduria
Mohs surgery mendelizing mucoprotein
Mokola virus menin mucopurulent
Molisch mening- mucopus
Molisch test meningeal mucopyocele
Moll meningeal branch of cavernous part of internal carotid artery mucormycosis
Moll glands meningeal branch of cerebral part of internal carotid artery mucosa
Mollaret meningitis meningeal branch of internal carotid artery mucosa of bronchi
Mollusca meningeal branch of (intracranial part of) vertebral artery mucosa of colon
Molluscipoxvirus meningeal branch of mandibular nerve mucosa of ductus deferens
Moloney meningeal branch of maxillary nerve mucosa of esophagus
Moloney test meningeal branch of occipital artery mucosa of female urethra
Moloney virus meningeal branch of ophthalmic nerve mucosa of gallbladder
Moloy meningeal branch of spinal nerves mucosa of large intestine
Monakow meningeal branch of vagus nerve mucosa of larynx
Monakow bundle meningeal branches mucosa of male urethra
Monakow nucleus meningeal carcinoma mucosa of mouth
Monakow syndrome meningeal carcinomatosis mucosa of nasal cavity
Monakow tract meningeal hernia mucosa of nose
Mondini meningeal layer of dura mater mucosa of pharyngotympanic (auditory) tube
Mondini dysplasia meningeal leukemia mucosa of pharynx
Mondini hearing impairment meningeal neurosyphilis mucosa of renal pelvis
Mondonesi meningeal plexus mucosa of seminal gland
Mondonesi reflex meningeal veins mucosa of seminal vesicle
Mondor meningeocortical mucosa of small intestine
Mondor disease meningeorrhaphy mucosa of spongy part of the male urethra
Monera meninges mucosa of stomach
Monge Medrano meningioangiomatosis mucosa of the intermediate part of the male urethra
Monge disease meningioma mucosa of the prostatic part of the male urethra
Monilia meningiomatosis mucosa of tongue
Moniliaceae meningism mucosa of trachea
Moniliformis meningitic mucosa of tympanic cavity
Monod meningitic streak mucosa of ureter
Monod-Wyman-Changeux model (MWC model ) meningitis mucosa of urethra
Monosporium apiospermum meningo- mucosa of (urinary) bladder
Monostoma meningocele mucosa of uterine tube
Monotremata meningocerebral cicatrix mucosa of vagina
Monro meningococcal meningitis mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT)
Monro doctrine meningococcemia mucosal
Monro foramen meningococcus mucosal disease virus
Monro line meningocortical mucosal folds of gallbladder
Monro sulcus meningocyte mucosal graft
Monro-Kellie doctrine meningoencephalitis mucosal immunization
Monro-Richter line meningoencephalocele mucosal relief radiography
Monsel solution meningoencephalomyelitis mucosal tunics
Monson meningoencephalopathy mucosal wave
Monson curve meningohydroencephalocele mucosanguineous
Monteggia meningomyelitis mucosectomy
Monteggia fracture meningomyelocele mucoserous
Montenegro test meningo-osteophlebitis mucoserous cells
Montevideo units meningoradicular mucositis
Montgomery meningoradiculitis mucostatic
Montgomery follicles meningorrhachidian mucous
Montgomery glands meningorrhagia mucous cast
Montgomery tubercles meningosis mucous cell
Moon meningothelial meningioma mucous colitis
Moon molars meningothelioma mucous connective tissue
Moore meningotheliomatous meningioma mucous cyst
Moore lightning streaks meningotyphoid fever mucous diarrhea
Moore method meningovascular mucous gland
Mooren meningovascular neurosyphilis mucous glands of auditory tube
Mooren ulcer meningovascular syphilis mucous membrane of bronchus
Mooser meninguria mucous membrane of ductus deferens
Mooser bodies meninx mucous membrane of esophagus
Morand meninx fibrosa mucous membrane of female urethra
Morand foot meninx primitiva mucous membrane of gallbladder
Morand spur meninx tenuis mucous membrane of large intestine
Moraxella meninx vasculosa mucous membrane of larynx
Moraxella anatipestifer meniscectomy mucous membrane of male urethra
Moraxella catarrhalis menisci mucous membrane of nose
Moraxella conjunctivitis meniscitis mucous membrane of pharyngotympanic auditory tube
Moraxella kingae meniscocyte mucous membrane of pharynx
Moraxella lacunata meniscofemoral ligaments mucous membrane of small intestine
Moraxella nonliquefaciens meniscopexy mucous membrane of stomach
Moraxella osloensis meniscorrhaphy mucous membrane of tongue
Moraxella phenylpyruvica meniscotome mucous membrane of trachea
Morbillivirus meniscus mucous membrane of tympanic cavity
Morel meniscus articularis mucous membrane of ureter
Morel ear meniscus lateralis mucous membrane of urinary bladder
Morerastrongylus costaricensis meniscus lens mucous membrane of uterine tube
Morgagni meniscus medialis mucous membrane of vagina
Morgagni appendix meniscus sign mucous membranes
Morgagni cartilage meniscus tactus mucous neck cell
Morgagni caruncle meno- mucous patch
Morgagni cataract menocelis mucous plaque
Morgagni columns menometrorrhagia mucous plug
Morgagni concha menopausal mucous polyp
Morgagni crypts menopausal syndrome mucous rale
Morgagni disease menopause mucous sheath of tendon
Morgagni foramen menophania mucoviscidosis
Morgagni foramen hernia menorrhagia mucro
Morgagni fossa menorrhalgia mucro cordis
Morgagni fovea menotropins mucro sterni
Morgagni frenum menouria mucron
Morgagni globules menoxenia mucronate
Morgagni humor menses mucus
Morgagni hydatid menstrual mucus blanket
Morgagni lacuna menstrual age mucus impaction
Morgagni liquor menstrual colic mud bed
Morgagni nodule menstrual cycle mud fever
Morgagni prolapse menstrual edema muffle furnace
Morgagni retinaculum menstrual extraction abortion mulberry calculus
Morgagni sinus menstrual leukorrhea mulberry molar
Morgagni spheres menstrual molimina mulberry ovary
Morgagni syndrome menstrual period mulberry spots
Morgagni tubercle menstrual phase mule
Morgagni valves menstrual sclerosis mule-spinner's cancer
Morgagni ventricle menstruant mulibrey nanism
Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syncope menstruate muliebria
Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome menstruation mulling
Morgan menstruum multangular
Morgan bacillus mensual multangular bone
Morgan lens mensuration multi-
Morganella mental multi-CSF
Morganella morganii mental aberration multiarticular
Mori mental age (MA) multiaxial classification
Morison mental apparatus multiaxial joint
Morison pouch mental artery multibacillary
Moro mental branch (of inferior alveolar artery) multicapsular
Moro reflex mental branches of mental nerve multicasualty incident (MCI)
Morquio mental canal multicellular
Morquio disease mental chronometry multicentric reticulohistiocytosis
Morquio syndrome mental deficiency multicolinearity
Morquio-Ullrich disease mental disease multicolony-stimulating factor (multi-CSF)
Morrison mental disorder multicore disease
Mortierella mental foramen multicuspid
Morton mental health multicuspid tooth
Morton metatarsalgia mental hospital multicuspidate
Morton neuralgia mental hygiene multicystic kidney
Morton neuroma mental illness multidrug resistance (MDR)
Morton plane mental image multidrug resistance transporter 1
Morton syndrome mental impairment multienzyme
Morton toe mental impression multienzyme complex
Morvan mental nerve multifactorial inheritance
Morvan chorea mental point multifetation
Morvan disease mental process multifid
Moschcowitz mental protuberance multifidus
Moschcowitz test mental region multifidus (muscle )
Mosenthal mental retardation multifocal
Mosenthal test mental scotoma multifocal atrial tachycardia (MAT)
Mosler mental spine multifocal choroiditis
Mosler diabetes mental status assessment multifocal lens
Mosler sign mental status examination multifocal osteitis fibrosa
Moss mental symphysis multiform
Moss tube mental tubercle (of mandible) multiform layer
Mossman fever mentalis multiform layer [TA] of cerebral cortex
Mosso mentalis (muscle ) multiformat camera
Mosso ergograph mentality multiglandular
Mosso sphygmomanometer mentation multigravida
Motais menthane multi-infarct dementia
Motais operation menthol multi-infection
Motulsky dye reduction test menthyl salicylate multilamellar body
Mounier-Kuhn mentoanterior position (MA) multilaminar primary follicle
Mounier-Kuhn syndrome mentolabial furrow multilobar
Mowry colloidal iron stain mentolabial sulcus multilobular
Mozart ear mentolabialis multilocal
Mr menton multilocal genetics
Mörner mentoplasty multilocular
Mörner test mentoposterior position (MP) multilocular adipose tissue
Méry mentotransverse position multilocular cyst
Méry gland mentum multilocular fat
Mt menyanthes multilocular hydatid cyst
Mt. Fuji sign meperidine hydrochloride multimammae
Mu mephitic multimammate mouse
Mu antigen meprobamate multinodal
Much mepyramine maleate multinodular
Much bacillus mepyrapone multinodular goiter
Mucha meq) multinomial distribution
Mucha-Habermann disease meralgia multinuclear
Muckle meralgia paresthetica multinuclear leukocyte
Muckle-Wells syndrome merbromin multinucleosis
Mucor mercaptal multipara
Mucoraceae mercaptan multiparity
Mucorales mercapto- multiparous
Muehrcke mercaptoacetic acid multipartial
Muehrcke bands mercaptoethanol multipennate muscle
Muehrcke lines mercaptol multiphasic screening
Muehrcke sign mercaptolactate-cysteine disulfiduria multiple
Mueller mercapturic acid multiple alcohol
Mueller electronic tonometer mercapturic acid pathway multiple amputation
Mueller sign mercocresols multiple anchorage
Mueller-Hinton agar mercurial multiple autoimmune endocrinopathy type 1
Mueller-Hinton medium mercurial line multiple chemical sensitivity
Muellerius capillaris mercurial manometer multiple ego states
Muir mercurial stomatitis multiple embolism
Muir-Torre syndrome mercurialentis multiple endocrine adenomatosis
Mulder test mercurialism multiple endocrine deficiency syndrome
Mules mercuric multiple endocrine neoplasia I (MEN1)
Mules operation mercuric chloride multiple endocrine neoplasia II (MEN2)
Multiceps mercuric iodide multiple endocrine neoplasia IIB (MEN2B)
Multiceps multiceps mercuric oleate multiple endocrine neoplasia III (MEN3)
Multiceps serialis mercuric oxide multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN)
Munchausen syndrome mercuric salicylate multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 1
Munchausen syndrome by proxy mercurochrome multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2A
Munchhausen mercurous multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2B
Munchhausen syndrome mercurous chloride multiple endocrine neoplasia type I
Munro mercurous iodide multiple endocrine neoplasia type IIA (MEN2A)
Munro abscess mercury (Hg) multiple epiphysial dysplasia (EDM)
Munro microabscess mercury arc multiple exostosis
Munro point mercury bichloride multiple fission
Munsell mercury biniodide multiple fracture
Munson mercury deutoiodide multiple glandular deficiency syndrome
Munson sign mercury poisoning multiple hamartoma syndrome
Mur mercury protoiodide multiple idiopathic hemorrhagic sarcoma
Muret mercury subsalicylate multiple intestinal polyposis
Muridae mercury vapor lamp multiple lentigines syndrome
Murphy mere- multiple marker screen
Murphy button mereprine multiple mucosal neuroma syndrome
Murphy drip meridian multiple myeloma
Murphy percussion meridian of cornea multiple myelomatosis
Murphy sign meridiani multiple neuritis
Murray Valley encephalitis meridiani bulbi oculi multiple parasitism
Murray Valley encephalitis virus (MVE) meridians of eyeball multiple personality
Murray Valley rash meridianus multiple personality disorder
Murutucu virus meridional multiple pregnancy
Mus meridional aberration multiple puncture tuberculin test
Musca meridional amblyopia multiple sclerosis (MS)
Musci meridional cleavage multiple self-healing squamous epithelioma
Muscidae meridional fibers of ciliary muscle multiple serositis
Musset merispore multiple sleep latency test
Musset (de Musset) sign meristematic multiple stain
Mussy meristic multiple sulfatase deficiency
Mustard operation merlin multiple symmetric lipomatosis
Mustard procedure mermaid malformation multiple system atrophy (MSA)
Mv mero- multiple vision
Mycobacteriaceae meroacrania multiple-gated acquisition scan (MUGA)
Mycobacterium meroanencephaly multiplicative division
Mycobacterium abscessus meroblastic cleavage multiplicative growth
Mycobacterium avium merocrine multiplicative model
Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex (MAIC) merocrine gland multipolar
Mycobacterium bovis merodiastolic multipolar cell
Mycobacterium chelonae merogastrula multipolar mitosis
Mycobacterium chelonae subsp. abscessus merogenesis multipolar neuron
Mycobacterium enteritidis merogenetic multipotent adult progenitor cell
Mycobacterium fortuitum merogony multipotential hemopoietic stem cell (MHSC)
Mycobacterium intracellulare meromelia multirooted
Mycobacterium johnei meromicrosomia multirotation
Mycobacterium kansasii meromyosin multistage model
Mycobacterium leprae meront multisubstrate
Mycobacterium marianum merorachischisis multisynaptic
Mycobacterium marinum merosmia multivalence
Mycobacterium microti merosporangium multivalent
Mycobacterium paratuberculosis merosystolic multivalent vaccine
Mycobacterium phlei merotomy multivariate studies
Mycobacterium scrofulaceum merozoite multivesicular bodies
Mycobacterium smegmatis merozygote mummification
Mycobacterium tuberculosis mes- mummified pulp
Mycobacterium ulcerans mesad mumps
Mycobacterium vaccae mesal mumps meningoencephalitis
Mycobacterium xenopi mesameboid mumps sensitivity test
Mycoplasma mesangial mumps skin test antigen
Mycoplasma buccale mesangial cell mumps virus
Mycoplasma faucium mesangial nephritis mumps virus vaccine
Mycoplasma felis mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis mumpvirus
Mycoplasma fermentans mesangiocapillary glomerulonephritis mumu fever
Mycoplasma genitalium mesangium mung bean nuclease
Mycoplasma haemofelis (Mhf) mesaortitis municipal hospital
Mycoplasma hominis mesareic mural
Mycoplasma laidlawii mesarteritis mural aneurysm
Mycoplasma orale mesaticephalic mural cell
Mycoplasma pharyngis mesatipellic mural endocarditis
Mycoplasma pneumoniae mesatipellic pelvis mural pregnancy
Mycoplasma salivarium mesaxon mural thrombosis
Mycoplasmatales mescal buttons mural thrombus
Myoviridae mescaline muramic acid (Mur)
Myrmecia mesectoderm muramidase
Myrmecia pilosula mesencephalic mureins
Myxococcidium stegomyiae mesencephalic corticonuclear fibers murexide
Myxomycetes mesencephalic flexure muriate
Myxospora mesencephalic nucleus of trigeminal nerve muriatic
Myxosporea mesencephalic tegmentum muriatic acid
Myxozoa mesencephalic tract of trigeminal nerve muriform
m- mesencephalic veins murine
m. dict. mesencephalitis murine leukemia
mCi mesencephalon murine sarcoma virus
mEq mesencephalotomy murine typhus
mL) mesenchyma murmur
mM mesenchymal muscae volitantes
mRNA mesenchymal cells muscarine
mV mesenchymal epithelium muscarinic
ma mesenchymal tissue muscarinic antagonist
macaque mesenchyme muscarinic receptors
macerate mesenchymoma muscarinism
maceration mesenteric muscicide
machine mesenteric adenitis muscimol
machinery murmur mesenteric artery occlusion muscle
maclurin mesenteric glands muscle bundle
macr- mesenteric hernia muscle contraction headache
macrencephaly mesenteric lymph nodes muscle curve
macro- mesenteric lymphadenitis muscle dysmorphism
macro-Kjeldahl method mesenteric portion of small intestine muscle epithelium
macroadenoma mesenteric veins muscle fascicle
macroaggregated albumin (MAA) mesentericoparietal fossa muscle hemoglobin
macroamylase mesentericoparietal recess muscle layer in fatty layer of subcutaneous tissue
macroamylasemia mesenteriolum muscle layer of pharynx
macroautophagy mesenteriolum processus vermiformis muscle of antitragus
macrobacterium mesenteriopexy muscle of heart
macrobiosis mesenteriorrhaphy muscle of notch of helix
macrobiote mesenteriplication muscle of terminal notch